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Without rigorous management of your data, you are missing opportunities to gain a complete view of your customer, company performance and trends, operational efficiencies, competitive benchmarking, and other valuable insights.

Is Your Data a Mess?

Most of your data’s value is probably lost in a multitude of databases and separate systems that aren’t integrated through a data management strategy.

If you’re feeling overwhelmed, you’re not alone. The majority of companies don’t have a plan for managing their data. By partnering with expert data management consultants, you can develop a cohesive data ecosystem that accurately provides the answers to your business questions.

What Data Management Consulting Looks Like

The good news is, by partnering with Blast to get control over your data, you can enjoy the results: clear, specific information that leads to better decisions, greater efficiency, and a competitive advantage.

You’ll also benefit from:

Icon that represents how data management consulting leads to better reportingBetter reporting

Icon that represents how data management consulting leads to easier decision-makingEasier decision-making

Graphic of enhanced customer service through data management consultingEnhanced customer service

Increased transparency from data management consulting iconIncreased transparency

Graphic of improved regulatory compliance through data management consultingImproved regulatory compliance

Icon that represents less manual processing through data management consultingLess manual processing

Symbol of how data management consulting leads to fewer errorsFewer errors

Your company’s data is one of its most valuable assets. So creating data management policies, procedures, and processes to ensure it remains accurate, secure, accessible, and usable for analytics insights should be a top priority.

Data management services spans multiple fields, including:

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  • Governance
  • Architecture
  • Database Systems
  • Master Data and Metadata Management (MDM)
  • Quality Control
  • Data Integration and Definition
  • Warehousing
  • Transformation

Each of these fields encompasses a body of knowledge that requires research, administration, maintenance, documentation and optimization, made easier with data management consulting services.

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Data Management Consultants Can Save Your Assets

No matter what your current analytics maturity level, Blast can help your company create and implement a solid data management process. We will benchmark your current status and design a roadmap to help you grow from there.

While every client requires a unique partnership to address specific challenges, opportunities, and goals, our data scientists build on a reliable foundation called SIOT, honed through hundreds of corporate engagements.

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Understanding your business is the first, critical step. After deep research and discovery, we collaborate with you to develop a customized data management strategy.

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We connect your goals and strategies with specific data management tactics to make it happen.

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Data management should be a continuous process. Our data scientists analyze plan performance and continue to fine-tune the details as needs and KPIs change.

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Our data management consultants provide ongoing education and training to guide your sustained success.

A Sample Partnership Roadmap

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  • Perform an inventory of your information systems and document the sources of your data; assess data management processes, tools, and vendors.
  • Identify which systems are the primary source of specific data, such as customer information, and which should be used by or feed other systems or reports.
  • Work with you to create the data architecture to best collect, cleanse, transform, and store your data in order to easily access and perform analysis and reporting; chart a data management roadmap.


  • Combine data from disparate sources; validate and cleanse if necessary.
  • Create and implement policies and procedures to ensure data is collected accurately.
  • Implement change management process with your teams to ensure changes are clearly communicated and managed properly so that data integrity is maintained.
  • Create documentation such as data dictionaries, which clearly identify the sources of each data element, any cleansing, transformation or enhancements that have occurred, and precise definitions so that others can use the data correctly.
  • Design database solutions and create the necessary programs to extract, transform, and load (ETL) data from various sources into a data warehouse.


  • Align with data governance program to ensure smooth operations and continuous improvements.
  • Monitor data warehouse and databases uptime and availability.
  • Evaluate and perfect ETL processes to minimize errors and load time.
  • Track data quality success. Setup automated data quality assurance monitoring.
  • Ongoing change management for optimal speed, breadth, and quality of project implementation.


  • Conduct training session to ensure all users understand and properly follow all protocols correctly. Deliver slide decks or other training materials for dissemination.

Time-Tested Data Management Consulting

Captured data is almost worthless if left in a state of chaos. Organizations that have procedures for data management will find themselves reaping the benefits.

As a very early adopter of analytics for digital marketing, Blast has been managing data since 1999. Our data management strategy and consulting processes are proven through hundreds of client engagements with corporations, nonprofits, startups, and government agencies.

Our firm’s data specialists are eager to hear your story, get you started with a comprehensive data management plan, and help you EVOLVE your organization.

Consultant Spotlight

Blast consultant Nick Mannon

Meet Nick Mannon

Director, Data Solutions
Nick works with clients to help them understand and utilize their data for better decision-making and improved results. He is skilled at — and passionate about — organizing and presenting data in a way that clearly answers clients’ important business questions, providing insights to help them EVOLVE their organizations.

Thanks, Nick! I really like the “New Customer Analysis” tab. Every which way I want to look at our new customers is there. Overall, the dashboards you’ve set up enable us to gain greater insights for better decision making – for example, around customers placing orders over a specific timeframe.

Sajid Hasan – Chief Technology Officer

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