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Brent Dykes Data Storytelling Training

Data storytelling training can help teach you and your team how to become better data communicators so you can take full advantage of the insights at your fingertips.

Essential Skill to EVOLVE Your Organization

Over the past decade, organizations have made significant investments in analytics tools and data platforms. With the richer levels of information available, companies are still struggling to see much of this data translated into action and valuable business outcomes.

Unfortunately, many managers and employees are missing basic data literacy skills and don’t know how to communicate insights effectively. To address this critical skill gap, Blast offers expert data storytelling training and workshops.
Brent Dykes Data Storytelling Training

Benefits of Data Storytelling Training

Data literacy is a core concern of most organizations striving to become more data-driven. A key aspect of this challenge is helping more people learn how to communicate insights effectively. Through Blast’s data storytelling training, you’ll be able to:

  • Create meaningful stories by combining data, narratives, and visuals.
  • Share insights with confidence and enhance the overall quality and frequency of data conversations across your business.
  • Establish a stronger data culture and a greater reliance on data-driven decision making.

Grow Your Organizational Capability

Upon completing the data storytelling training, your internal resources will be able to apply different data storytelling strategies and tactics in their roles. They’ll be able to turn insights into compelling data narratives that are coupled with effective visuals.

As a result, key insights will be communicated more clearly, making it easier for stakeholders to understand and address potential problems or opportunities. Rather than crucial signals being lost in a sea of noise, insights will flow more freely across your business as they’re transformed into engaging data stories.

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Data Storytelling Training Solutions

After assessing your team’s current data storytelling skills and needs with a participant survey, Blast will build a customized training curriculum for your organization.

The workshop based training will first introduce participants to the power of data storytelling and the psychology behind how it works. Then we’ll focus on specific training around each of the three key pillars of data storytelling:

image of data storytelling pillars, data, narrative, visuals

The content can be broken up into a series of shorter workshop sessions (up to an hour each) or combined into a half-day or day-long session. Depending on the desired depth of content, hands-on exercises can be used to reinforce the key concepts and frameworks that are taught.

In addition, the curriculum can also be tailored to company-specific use cases to make the data storytelling training more relevant for the participants.

A Holistic, Product-Agnostic Approach

Blast’s data storytelling training provides a product-agnostic, principles-based approach to teaching this important skill. While many people have primarily focused on teaching data visualization best practices, we take a much more holistic approach. We dive into all of the essential components of a data story.

We believe effective data storytelling is about much more than being able to create pretty charts. In particular, we focus more heavily on the narrative element that influences the structure, flow, and direction of a data story — the most often neglected or misunderstood aspect of data storytelling.

People who participate in our workshop training will leave with a more balanced and comprehensive understanding of how to tell stories with data.

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Our Proven Experience

Over the past three years, our trainers have worked with companies — large and small — across diverse industries to advance their data storytelling capabilities. While each scenario is unique, participating organizations were able to see a noticeable impact in their employees’ abilities to tell data stories in more effective ways. For many of these individuals, the training material provided them with the needed guidance to highlight critical insights that were previously being overlooked or misinterpreted.

Consultant Spotlight

blast consultant matthew carmean

Meet Matthew Carmean

Senior Business Insights Analyst
As Senior Business Insights Analyst at Blast Analytics, Matthew helps business teams better analyze and communicate insights to leaders and stakeholders through the power of data storytelling.

Matthew has worked in a variety of digital enterprise roles, including e-commerce category management, and digital experience management at companies such as Microsoft and T-Mobile. Matthew has owned and delivered multiple major digital initiatives across teams using data to inform and inspire business opportunities.

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