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A great customer experience (CX) is the start of a great relationship. Blast’s CX consulting expertise can help you optimize your digital experiences to differentiate your brand, increase conversion, and ensure long-term customer loyalty.

Blast provides leading brands with strategic solutions to unify their customer data, increase personalization, improve marketing activation, and drive customer journey optimization. Our talented, trusted customer experience (CX) consultants combine analytics and digital experience expertise to help delight your customers and achieve your desired business outcomes.

Customer Journey Strategic Roadmap

Create a solid strategy and plan to execute customer journey optimization, customized to your business.

Customer Journey Analytics

Turn your valuable customer data into actionable insights to execute customer journey optimization.

Customer Journey Mapping

Understand and visualize your customer paths, leveraging data and insights to optimize them.

Customer Journey Orchestration

Act on your data and insights in real-time, to deliver a relevant customer experience.

Voice of Customer

Ensure you capture invaluable customer feedback to understand needs and improve results.

Testing & Personalization

Increase your confidence in testing, drive measurable impacts, and establish an experimentation culture.

Strategic Partners

We partner and collaborate with the best in the data and analytics industry to provide our clients with the optimal support to optimize and EVOLVE their organizations. This involves selecting the right tools for measurement, optimization, testing, personalization, analysis, governance, data management, and activation. In order to do this our team has worked to achieve certification on the tools that are relevant to the consulting services we provide to our clients.

Adobe Experience Cloud Specialized in Analytics Silver Solution Partner

Google Sales Partner


Tealium Certified Agency Consulting Partner

Strategic Solutions
Improve Customer Experience

Turn your data insights into an engaging customer experience to improve engagement, conversion, retention, and advocacy.

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Customer Experience (CX) Audit Quick Start

Identify Your Customer Experience Gaps

While many businesses believe they understand their customer pain points, studies continue to show customers don’t feel the same. Oftentimes, organizations rely on their past experience, opinions, and best guesses to identify friction points in the customer experience. Making such assumptions, instead of leveraging data-driven insights, can be a waste of time and money — and ultimately will fail to improve the customer experience.

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