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After making significant investments in various analytics tools and platforms, many companies are still waiting to achieve a positive return on their analytics investment (ROAI). Part of the problem is that, unless you’re actively mining the data for insights, much of the value will continue to be elusive and remain hidden.

Organizations may lack the analytics expertise or bandwidth to perform exploratory data analysis on a regular basis. Without actionable insights, business users may have information from reports and dashboards, but lack key findings to drive the organization forward in meaningful ways.

Benefits of Data Analysis & Insights

In the “last mile of analytics,” you need to translate data into actions that drive business outcomes. An important step in this process is to query the data to uncover insights that can inform decisions and motivate people to act. Depending on the focus of the data analysis, you may gain insights into how you can increase revenues, minimize costs, and mitigate risks.

Identify What’s Working and What’s Not
It’s only when leadership clearly understands what is and isn’t working that they can plot a path forward with confidence. While automated reports or dashboards provide an array of useful information, they typically generate questions, not answers. This is why performing analysis and generating insights are essential.

EVOLVE through Ongoing Optimization
As new insights are uncovered, more questions will emerge that must be explored and answered. As each analysis brings to light new information, your organization will be deepening its knowledge of its customers, operations, employees, and so on. It’ll also have specific recommendations for how it can optimize different aspects of the business.

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Data Analysis & Insights Solutions

Discovery — In each engagement, Blast consultants start by gaining as much background information into your business as possible. We identify and prioritize your objectives and burning questions to focus our analysis.

Analysis — After conducting some initial data analysis, we will share our preliminary findings to ensure we’re on the right path.

Recommendations — After incorporating your feedback into our data analysis approach, we’ll finalize our analysis presentation and, if appropriate, provide recommendations for taking action on the discovered insights as well as highlighting potential areas for further investigation.

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Why Blast?

Blast Analytics places a heavy emphasis on understanding your business and its requirements so we can ensure the insights we uncover are both relevant and impactful. Depending on the business questions and type of data analysis that must be performed, we can bring in the necessary analytical skills to unlock the required answers.

Our firm is comprised of experienced senior analysts with diverse industry backgrounds and data scientists with experience in advanced statistical modeling. While we have analyzed all types of data, we specialize in generating actionable insights from marketing and customer data.

How We Help Organizations

From identifying key customer experience issues in an app or website to building a predictive model based on unique purchase behaviors, Blast offers comprehensive analytics consulting solutions for all your needs.

Whether you need us to fill a current capabilities gap or augment the skills of your analytics team, Blast provides actionable insights and strategic recommendations to maximize the return on your analytics and marketing investments.

Consultant Spotlight

blast consultant matthew carmean

Meet Matthew Carmean

Senior Business Insights Analyst
As Senior Business Insights Analyst at Blast Analytics, Matthew helps business teams better analyze and communicate insights to leaders and stakeholders through the power of data storytelling.

Matthew has worked in a variety of digital enterprise roles, including e-commerce category management, and digital experience management at companies such as Microsoft and T-Mobile. Matthew has owned and delivered multiple major digital initiatives across teams using data to inform and inspire business opportunities.

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