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Adobe Analytics Version Comparison

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Adobe Analytics Ultimate is built to handle the more complex attribution and predictive needs of enterprise brands. With the ability to combine and analyze online and off-line data, Adobe Analytics Ultimate provides real-time insights into how customers are experiencing your brand and enables faster reactions and personalization from marketers.

Adobe Analytics Select, Prime & Ultimate Comparison

Blast provides Adobe Analytics Consulting for both product versions and can help you decide which is the best fit for your organization.

Here’s a side-by-side comparison of Adobe Analytics Select, Prime, and Ultimate:

Products Included Select Prime Ultimate
If you’re an enterprise that has… An emerging analytics practice A mature analytics practice An advanced analytics practice
Ad Hoc Analysis with Analysis Workspace Yes, included Yes, included Yes, included
Rules-Based Attribution Yes, included Yes, included Yes, included
Offline Data Integration 3 15 200
Advanced Segmentation with Segment IQ Not included, but optional Yes, included Yes, included
Anomaly Detection Not included, but optional Yes, included Yes, included
Contribution Analysis Not included, but optional 10 Tokens (Runs) 20 Tokens (Runs)
Additional Predictive Tools Optional Optional Optional
Algorithmic Attribution Optional Optional Optional

As Adobe Analytics Certified Experts, we can help you create your digital measurement strategy, customize your implementation, gain the insights you need to optimize your marketing efforts, and provide training to you or your entire team. Also, if you are looking for pricing for Adobe Analytics Select, Prime, or Ultimate please reach out and we’ll be happy to help provide a quote.

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