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There’s much more to mobile app analytics than just knowing how many screens were viewed. Marketing teams want to understand customer behavior to optimize conversions. Blast has the expertise to guide your app tracking strategy — and help you EVOLVE.

Customized App Tracking is the Answer

App analytics is still growing and can vary wildly between different mobile app development platforms, as well as the different interfaces that mobiles have. Also, some of the app tracking modules don’t support all of the analytics features, so relying on default code only shows you part of the picture.

Blast mobile app analytics consultants provide you with insights about how the customers interact with your app, what’s working and what’s not, levels of engagement, conversion factors, and everything else we also measure for the web.

Starting with your business goals, we partner with you to design and implement a tracking strategy that will give a holistic view of your customers’ journey.


Get tracking strategies that:

  • Ensure app tracking data can be rolled up with the existing web analytics data. Most app platforms come with their own separate analytics system that can make it seem like you have different customers and different analytics on the app. We merge all data together into the same analytics platform so you have a holistic view of your customers across platforms and devices.
  • Integrate analytics through a tag management system to separate analytics from the app development, minimizing the need to update the app every time tracking requests are added.

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Consulting Services

  • Developing the app analytics strategy
  • Mapping out all the tracking elements in a framework that your developers can simply follow and implement
  • Testing and validation
  • Implementation on tag management systems such as Google Tag Manager (GTM), DTM or Tealium


Google Firebase

This is really up to you; we work with any tool that you have or can advise you on how to select the right tool for your specific needs. There are countless names of app development platforms, and most have analytics connectors built in.

Specifically, we’ve mastered working with Firebase, Google’s new tool for app tracking, and GTM implementations. These are great for iOS and Android apps, and many customers are now moving to Firebase.

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Analytics Experts Fill in the Gaps

Translating your business questions into mobile app tracking snippets requires an expert analytics consultant, not a developer or the business owner. We work with you to design and implement a tracking strategy that will give you full insight into your customers’ interaction and conversion journey on your app.

At Blast, we know the languages of the business and marketing teams as well as the app developer’s language. Your specific business requirements and business questions are answered through the tracking strategy and tracking code, which are detailed in documentation that developers can simply follow and implement on the app.

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A Proven Process

A project with us typically follows the SIOT process, which can be repeated as needed:

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Starts with the business questions: what is the value of analytics, and what is going to drive the business forward? KPIs and metrics are chosen to decide what to track and how. The strategy phase is all about the methodology of the tracking and the best way to do it to ensure seamless updates and a sustainable solution.

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Full tracking documentation is shared with the app developers, providing details down to the data layer so implementation across any platform is a no-brainer for them. We also work with the developers to do validation runs and some testing to check that all the tracking is in place and it’s measuring properly.

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After the app tracking is up and running, we partner with marketing teams to share the insights they need to look at through real-time data and advanced dashboards. Then we convert those insights into action to enhance their business and operation performance.

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Some clients want to learn how to read app analytics data in Google Analytics or other platforms. We can provide training for that, or for tag management implementation that’s specific to Firebase tracking in GTM.

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Mobile App Analytics at Work

As an example, Blast recently implemented app analytics for Hertz 24/7 across their platforms. They had begun using tablets in the stores for customers to book cars, and through the analytics insights we provided, they now have visibility into the bookings and utilization of each tablet in the store.

“That tool Is very useful as I’m able to see the level of utilization of each single iPad installed.”

– Hertz

Let’s Discuss Your Needs

If you have questions or you’re ready to discuss how Mobile App Analytics Consulting can help you EVOLVE your organization, talk to a Blast Solutions Consultant.

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