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An advanced analytics strategy can deliver significant competitive advantage. But to get there, you first need to understand where you’re at — and the steps to EVOLVE. Blast’s Analytics Maturity Assessment is the ticket.

What’s Your Analytics Maturity?

When it comes to your organization’s analytics journey, are you a laggard, an innovator, or somewhere in between? Are you lacking resources that can turn your data into actionable insights? Or is the issue more around data governance, agreed upon business goals, or overall organizational buy-in?

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Whatever’s holding you back, Blast can help you advance to the next level of analytics maturity — beginning with our Analytics Maturity Assessment.

Take the First Step: Assess Where You’re (Really) At

Despite best efforts, many leaders lack clarity on the current state of analytics in their organizations. Oftentimes there’s a perception the organization is doing just fine, when in reality you’re falling behind the competition. Blast’s Analytics Maturity Assessment, developed by industry-leading analytics consultants, will address the gap between perception and reality, surfacing opportunities and actionable steps to accelerate your analytics journey and increase your competitive advantage.

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Get Your Roadmap to Success

Truth is, almost every organization of every size struggles with one or more of the challenges associated with building an analytics team and becoming a data-driven organization.

That’s where Blast’s end-to-end Analytics Maturity Framework comes in, meeting you where you’re at and providing the expertise and resources to help you EVOLVE. After you take the Analytics Maturity Assessment, we offer strategic consulting services to help you reach your maturity goals. Specifically, you’ll gain recommendations on how to address potential problems and accelerate your progress to becoming a more data-driven organization.

From Assessment to Action

Below are the key steps in our Analytics Maturity Framework to help guide and EVOLVE your analytics journey:
analytics maturity assessment process steps

  • Assessment — Survey of team members across your company to gain a more complete picture of your analytics maturity level
  • Interviews — Conduct a series of interviews to better understand strengths and weaknesses
  • Key Findings — Present core themes and potential areas of focus based on surveys and interviews
  • Strategic Roadmap — Provide a prioritized plan and timeline for addressing maturity issues

Success Factor Dimensions

The five key process areas, or success factor dimensions, of Blast’s Analytics Maturity Assessment include:

  • Culture
  • Capability
  • Technology
  • Data
  • Process

These maturity levels and key process areas defines common features, attributes, and best practices that will significantly increase the likelihood of success and a positive return of analytics investment.
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Working with Blast and our team of analytics consulting experts, you’ll:

  • Establish a complete vision for analytics excellence
  • Identify and address hidden obstacles
  • Understand your organization’s true state of analytics
  • Avoid common analytics team derailments
  • Build support to implement a Digital Measurement Framework
  • Improve governance and create an Analytics Center of Excellence
  • More thoughtfully prioritize analytics and optimization initiatives
  • Gain both internal and external qualitative feedback
  • Increase the likelihood of action to attain competitive advantage

Ready to find out your Analytics Maturity?
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We’re Sorry!

Our Analytics Maturity Assessment tool is taking a bow, however, our dedication to optimizing your digital experiences is stronger than ever.

Charting New Digital Horizons
As the digital landscape evolves, so do our tools. The Analytics Maturity Assessment served its purpose, but it’s time for it to retire. We’re focusing on broader, more comprehensive solutions to power your digital experiences and want to continue the conversation together.

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What's Your Analytics Maturity?

Take this short (about 6 minutes) assessment and receive a summary and visualization of your analytics maturity to review and begin implementing recommendations.

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