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Make Your Mark Highlights – 2021

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How We Made Our Mark in 2021

There has never been a better time to think big about the kind of impact we can have, as the nature of business has changed. Today, making your mark is less about “climbing the career ladder” and more about ambition, opportunity, entrepreneurship, risk taking, results, and relationships. Here are some highlights of how our team made an impact on our company, customers, teammates, industry, and communities in 2021.


Roopa Carpenter Optimizely event

Optimizely Webinar Event
Roopa Carpenter, VP, Digital Experience cohosted an Optimizely webinar with ContentSquare on “Intent Data: The value of a digital experimentation practice.”
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Jared Smith Observepoint Validate 2021

Observepoint Validate 2021
Jared Smith, Senior Analytics Implementation Consultant, presented at ObservePoint’s Virtual Analytics Summit.

Jess Johnson presenting with Sajid Hasan at DAA OneConference

DAA’s OneConference
Jess Johnson, Director, Business Development, presenting on “The Digital Experience Has Changed” at the DAA’s OneConference with Sajid Hasan, Chief Technology Officer of Fracture.

Joe Christopher Piwik PRO webinar

Webinar with Piwik PRO
Joe Christopher, VP, Analytics, co-hosted a webinar with Piwik PRO on “Data analytics in healthcare – do more with patient data while staying HIPAA-compliant.”

View our Events page to see how other teammates made their mark with industry thought leadership.


blast quanties 2021

Twice is Nice! Blast Wins Two Awards from Digital Analytics Association
Blast wins two awards at the Digital Analytics Association (DAA) Quanties. Learn more about the Quanties and Blast’s awards.

optimizely 2021 experimental partner of the year

Blast Optimizely 2021 Experimentation Partner of the Year
Blast Named Experimentation Partner of the Year for Optimizely in North America. Learn more about Optimizely and Blast’s award.

Inc. 5000 graphic

Inc. 5000
Blast Analytics continued to climb the Inc. 5000 list, moving up 60 spots from 2020

Great Place To Work 2021

Great Place To Work 2021
For the third year in a row, Blast has been recognized as a Great Place to Work-Certified™ company. This achievement highlights our continued effort to focus on every teammate’s experience so that they can be their best personally and professionally

2020 Glassdoor ratings

Great Culture. Great Opportunities
Blast has has made its internal culture a high priority, one that fosters transparency, honesty, and welcomes new ideas. In my time here the consulting team assembled at Blast has impressed me at every turn and is of the highest caliber. All of this coupled with a great benefits package has made my time at Blast enjoyable.

Culture is King!.
The Culture of Blast is amazing. From the moment I interviewed I could tell that they have a relaxed, family like culture. Work – Life balance is a priority. I was a bit worried about being remote, but soon realized that Blast has figured to make everyone feel like part of the team. There are many opportunities to Evolve into whatever you want to be.

Excellent people, Exciting work
Without a doubt, the best part about working at Blast is the people I get to work with every day. There has never been a time when I had a question or a problem to solve and I felt like I was on my own to figure it out. The attitude I’ve always felt here is if you succeed, we all succeed. Everyone is quick and willing to jump in and brainstorm creative solutions.


With much of the world still navigating the challenges of an ongoing pandemic, our team was able to continue Blast’s purpose: “Make Your Mark.” While maintaining local and state safety protocols, our teammates made a positive impact on our clients, our communities, and each other.


Over 30 Volunteers

594 Volunteer Hours

$58K+ Donations

Blast team on Zoom chat

Blast Supporting CommunitiesBlast has donated more than $58,000+ to 15+ worthwhile charitable organizations such as:

Charities that Blast has donated to.

Teammate Impact

Whether donating to local food closets, cleaning up their communities, biking for a cause, donating blood, getting vaccinated, or participating in other activities, our teammates are passionate about making their mark in many different ways.

food donation

Free99 Fridge
Allison Marx, Senior Analytics Implementation Consultant, packed her trunk with food and supplies to donate to her local Free99 fridge. They’re a network of outdoor fridges, freezers and shelves where the community can come and drop things for people in need.

David Dobes family showing vaccination cards

Staying Safe
David Dobes, Solutions Manager, and his family do their part and get vaccinated.

Larwnece Lemus cleaning up river

River Cleanup
Lawrence Lemus, Controller, makes his mark by cleaning up the riverbanks.

Earthday Cleanup 2020

Earth Day Cleanup 2021
Several teammates located at our headquarters clean up our office neighborhood.

Sacramento Century Challenge with Trent

Sacramento Century Challenge
Trent Thayne, Junior Analytics Strategist, participated in the Sacramento Century Challenge riding 37 miles. This event supported and raised money for the Sacramento Children’s Home Crisis Nursery.

Paul Lear Sacramento Search and Rescue station

Sacramento Search and Rescue
Senior Analytics Consultant and Data Scientist, Paul Lear, worked with the Sacramento Search and Rescue team.

Chad donation blood

Blood Donation
Senior Optimization Developer, Chad Ostroff, donates blood.

Andreia family planting trees for their community

Planting Trees, Making Their Mark
Andreia Benites, Analytics Strategist, and her sons make their mark by planting trees.


Case Study

Using Personalization to Welcome Back Returning Visitors Drives Success
A popular automotive brand wanted to better meet the expectations of their returning users by personalizing the digital experience. The company understands that their website visitors often require multiple sessions to fully explore their fleet of vehicles and determine appropriate next steps. Rather than presenting returning visitors with the same “one-size-fits-all” experience when they re-enter the site, the company wanted to personalize the digital experience to make it easier for returning visitors to pick up where they left off.

Case Study

Personalized Recommendations Across the Digital Experience Results in More Than 5x ROI
A popular health and wellness brand recognized the need to EVOLVE their digital experience in a big way and was looking for ways to scale personalization for their U.S. online stores, with an eye towards eventually expanding it globally.
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“This is perfect! This is exactly what was in my head and what I wanted to see. I’ve been looking for this for a year- it’s why we came to you. This is cool!”

Publishing Clearing House Logo

“Once again your knowledge and expertise continues to impress Brooks. Thank you for leading the training this week and helping us with true change management in digital analytics. Through the virtual halls, I am hearing many success stories already with Adobe, so appreciate all the hard work for the past 2 years bringing this to the finish line.”

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Training & Certification Accomplishments

At Blast, teammates are encouraged to EVOLVE and test their limits by continuing to explore, learn and develop both professionally and personally.

MYM certification logos

Ready to Make Your Mark?

There has never been a better time to think big about the kind of impact you can have, as the nature of business has changed.

Today, making your mark is less about “climbing the career ladder” and more about ambition, opportunity, entrepreneurship, risk taking, results, and relationships. No matter your place in the organization, you can take your shot, and that’s exciting.

Ultimately, it means making a contribution — again, to your company, customers, co-workers, industry, community, even world — by applying your ideas and talents, with support from others.

View opportunities to join our team or request more information about our services to help you EVOLVE your organization.

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