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Turn your data insights into an engaging customer experience to improve engagement, conversion, retention, and advocacy.

Comprehensive Outcome - Focused Solution

We enable you to accelerate your Customer Experience (CX) optimization program through proven enterprise-scale processes, harness your data to drive a customer-centric strategy, and champion a culture of experimentation.

This end-to-end strategic solution helps establish your roadmap, set proper KPIs, deliver insights that inform business decisions, manage customer intelligence, and prioritize opportunities to EVOLVE your organization.

Moreover, our senior analytics, marketing, and experimentation consultants help you secure customers’ trust by respecting and balancing sensitivity around their personal data.

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How Will You EVOLVE?

Increase customer engagement through exceptional experiences built on industry expertise, best practices, and proven results:

  • Identify your Customer Experience (CX) gaps
  • Break down silos and measure CX across channels and devices
  • Uncover insights and serve your target customers better than ever
  • Deliver personalized messaging and optimized experiences
  • Manage and respect user privacy
  • Identify and acquire more high-value customers


Outcomes You Can Expect

Champion a culture of continuous improvement to shine a light on what matters most and improve your customer experience:

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Greater Customer Satisfaction

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Increased Customer Acquisition

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Higher Revenue and Profit

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Customer Trust and Retention

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Continous Evolution

Blast Can Help You

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Gain Customer Insights

Data is only valuable if you can gain the key insights necessary to evolve the customer experience. That is when insights become truly actionable.

  • Customer Experience (CX) Audit
  • Channel/Funnel Insights
  • Competitor Analysis
  • Predictive Analytics
  • 360 View of Customer
  • AI/Machine Learning

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Map Customer Journeys

Aligning with what customers want to achieve when they come to your website is essential. Mapping customer journeys from their first interaction to the last will uncover whether they are accomplishing their goals or if they are getting stuck along the path.

  • Customer Data Analysis
  • Persona Creation
  • User Testing
  • Customer Journey Visualization

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Monitor CX Goals/KPIs

Stay ahead of your customers’ needs and expectations, with industry-leading measurement and reporting. Obtain a comprehensive view of your business, including insights into key user journey performance and valuable customer engagement metrics.

  • Alerts and Notifications
  • Measurement for Success
  • Qualitative Tool Implementation
  • Reporting and Dashboards
  • Monitor Key User Journeys
  • Measure Customer Satisfaction and Loyalty

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Optimize Cross-Channel CX

The proclivity of customers to navigate between channels poses additional challenges in keeping them engaged throughout the customer journey. To overcome these challenges, companies need to connect various data points, analyze customer behavior, and leverage this data to reach customers in real-time and provide a personalized experience.

  • Analytics Maturity Framework
  • Customer Data Platform
  • Website and Mobile App Personalization
  • Personalized Paid Digital Marketing
  • Personalized Email Marketing
  • Personalized Customer Support

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Segment and Personalize Audiences

Segmentation and personalization allows your business to make sense of your customer’s data, identify the specific needs of different customer groups and utilize these insights to deliver personalized experiences throughout the customer journey.

  • Qualitative Research & Insights
  • Quantitative Analysis & Insights
  • Segmentation Strategy
  • Personalization Execution

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CX/Testing Roadmap

The customer experience benefits greatly by having a solid strategy in place. Creating a CX/testing roadmap helps solidify your customer optimization efforts in the context of the broader organization and how your business achieves its goals.

  • Measurement for Success
  • Customer Experience Audit
  • CX/Testing Roadmap Visualization
  • Center of Excellence

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Continuously Experiment

Experimentation drives real quantifiable value for your business. Using iterative testing to execute a customer-centric strategy reduces friction along the customer journey and enables your business to constantly adapt as customer expectations evolve over time.

  • Iterative Website Testing
  • Email Testing
  • Mobile App Testing
  • Server Side Testing

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Manage Data Privacy

Providing a highly relevant customer experience requires your customer’s trust. It is imperative to build and maintain this trust through transparent communication, safeguarding customer data and having your customers feel in control of the data they share.

  • Security and Privacy Policies
  • Privacy Consent Management
  • Governance Adoption
  • Center of Excellence
  • Automated Threat Detection

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