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Jess Johnson – Director, Business Development

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Jess Johnson

Director, Business Development

Jess Johnson

As Director, Business Development for Blast Analytics, Jess works to create long-term value for Blast clients and partners. He believes there is always a win-win (-win) solution and works with teammates across all disciplines to make it happen.

Adobe Experience Technical SalesBased out of Blast’s headquarters in Rocklin, California, Jess’s interest in technology began at a young age, and he has honed his business skills for more than 18 years with experience spanning sales, business development, and management. He believes the client comes first and works to deliver creative solutions that help leaders to EVOLVE their organizations.

Prior to joining Blast, Jess held a sales management role at SHI International Corp., a value-added reseller focused on technology solutions for businesses. He spent most of his career there working with Fortune 100 organizations.

Jess earned a BS in Psychology with a minor in Religious Studies from Arizona State University. He was a member of the Barrett Honors College and the Phi Beta Kappa Honors Society. He has spoken at various industry conferences, such as Coupa Inspire, and led several sales training workshops.

To always do what is right for the client. Doing good business means being good people. I want to be a trusted advisor who is invested in your success.

More about Jess

I joined Blast…

Because I want to work somewhere that shares the same values I have — helping others, giving back to the community, teamwork, family, fun, and more. I want to make an impact where I work, with the people I work with and the clients I serve. I believe Blast is that place.

A cool part of my job is…

Collaborating with clients to find a solution. I love it when we can work as a true partnership, exchanging ideas, and creating something together that is better than we could do alone. I like that there’s a ping-pong table in the break room and I can bring my dog to work.

My consulting “philosophy” is…

There’s always a win-win solution, and I’m willing to work hard to find it.

It’s not on my resume, but…

I’m an aspiring ukulele player and (very) amateur magician. I also have a private pilot’s license and am SCUBA-certified.

One of my first jobs was…

As a paperboy. I had a love-hate relationship with that job. I loved making money, but I hated getting up early. There was one house on my route that was down a dusty, gravel road. It had a turret on top, and I always got the heebee-jeebees whenever I rode by.

The most interesting place I’ve traveled is…

The place I’m going to next. I enjoy traveling, and wherever I’m headed next is what I’m most interested in — could be camping nearby or a cruise in Europe. If I have to pick a place I’ve already been, I’d say Lee Vining and the eastern side of the Sierra Nevada mountains in and around Yosemite National Park.

My hobbies include…

Doing anything with my family — camping, playing video games, board games, going to the farmer’s market.

A favorite quote of mine is…

“Try not. Do or do not. There is no try.” — Yoda

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