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Let’s face it: manual tagging is a marketer’s headache, resulting in cluttered pages, extraneous code, broken links, and more — all creating a slow performing site and negative user experience. Not what you want from your most important digital marketing vehicle, right? Rest easy, with Google Tag Manager 360 and Blast as your solution.

Google Tag Manager 360: Simple, Reliable, Integrated

Google Tag Manager 360 expands on Google’s free version (Google Tag Manager) to deliver new enterprise-level features that further simplify complex tag management.

Google Tag Manager 360 integrates nicely into the Google Marketing Platform of products, offering organizations a more robust, seamless marketing analytics platform.

As your tag management consulting company, Blast can help you implement Google Tag Manager 360 to more easily and reliably tag your site and collect user information from all of your tags — whether they are Google Analytics tags, third-party tags, or custom tags.

Greater Flexibility, Less IT Burden

Google Tag Manager 360 consolidates your website tags with a single snippet of code and enables you to manage everything from a single web interface. You can add and update your own tags with just a few clicks, whenever you want, without hassling your IT folks or rewriting code. This gives marketers greater flexibility, while leaving IT to focus on other important tasks.

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Tag Manager 360 Capabilities at a Glance:

integrates 360Enables marketing agility, allowing you to add and update tags yourself — or conversion tracking, site analytics, remarketing, and more — in minutes, versus waiting days or weeks.

enables customizationDelivers dependable data, with easy-to-use error checking and speedy tag loading to ensure you’re collecting the right data at the right time.

icon representing tag managementSupports both Google and non-Google tags, so you can quickly adopt new marketing and measurement tools whenever you’re ready.

icon representing serviceIncludes an enterprise service level agreement that covers container serving, configuration interface availability, and access to other resources.

Need Help with Google Tag Manager 360?

As a long-time Google Analytics Certified Partner, Blast was one of the first Google Tag Manager consulting companies. Through the years, we’ve helped scores of clients implement Google Tag Manager to further EVOLVE their organizations, while honing our expertise along the way.

Our team of tag management consultants stands ready to do the same for those considering Google Tag Manager 360. We’ll help you understand how to best leverage this leading tag management system (TMS), as well as Google Tag Manager 360 pricing, to ensure quick return on investment.

Strategy, Implementation, Optimization, and Training

Blast’s unique, proven, data-driven process is key to our success in helping you gain maximum, long-term value from Google Tag Manager 360.

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We work diligently to understand your business, needs, challenges, and opportunities, helping you develop meaningful and achievable goals.

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We then connect your goals and strategies with specific tactics to get you up, running, and succeeding with Google Tag Manager 360.

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Leveraging key analyses and learnings at each step of our engagement, we continually seek ways to gain incremental value from Google Tag Manager 360.

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Our Google Tag Manager 360 consultants provide ongoing education, training, and other support to guide your sustained success.

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