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Business intelligence is no longer a “nice to have.” Nearly every organization needs to employ some form of data-driven decision making to achieve their business goals and exceed their competition. Blast can help.

Achieve New Levels of Success

Business intelligence — the ability to acquire and apply knowledge — enables you to transform your large amount of data into actionable insights. And thanks to today’s more robust, cost-effective analytics and technology platforms, it’s accessible to everyone.

Unfortunately, more than half of business intelligence initiatives fail due to a combination of challenges, ranging from poor data quality and management to lack of business intelligence expertise to not adapting reporting and analysis as the business matures. Such failure can mean months or years of lost opportunities, significant setup costs, and frustration.

An expert business intelligence consultant such as Blast not only will mitigate this risk, but more so enable you to EVOLVE your organization and achieve new levels of success:

Develop a solid business intelligence vision and strategyDevelop a solid business intelligence vision and strategy

Improve your overall data qualityImprove your overall data quality

Streamline access to multiple data sourcesStreamline access to multiple data sources

Adapt to business requirements and opportunitiesAdapt to business requirements and opportunities

Implement effective business intelligence toolsImplement effective business intelligence tools

Maximize ROI with proper business intelligence trainingMaximize ROI with proper business intelligence training

Take action on new insights and recommendationsTake action on new insights and recommendations

Creating a Business Intelligence Infrastructure

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Successful business intelligence consulting focuses first on the data and then on the analysis, in three key phases:

  1. Data Management
  2. Data Visualization and Dashboards
  3. Business Analytics

Proper data governance is the first step towards business intelligence and includes:

  1. Defining the data structure based on business requirements
  2. Defining data governance policies
  3. Specifying the data collection process and methods
  4. Processing and preparing the data for analysis
  5. Warehousing the data
  6. Validating the data through quality assurance testing

Solid data management leads to the next phase, visual analytics, which includes report automation, visualizing key performance indicators, alert monitoring (red flags), and answering general business questions through custom dashboards.

Documenting the strategy for visual analytics will improve both your decision making and internal communication throughout the company.

Some of the best questions surface after stakeholders have been able to visualize and digest their data over time. A strong understanding of performance measures and directional trends pave the way for more advanced analytics, in areas such as:

Customer segmentationCustomer segmentation

Data MiningData Mining

Predictive Analytics (forecasting)Predictive Analytics (forecasting)

Machine learningMachine learning

Leveraging a business intelligence analyst can help you unleash the power of your data to do more of what works, and less of what doesn’t.

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Unique Approach to Business Intelligence

One thing that differentiates Blast from others is our focus on getting the right data, and knowing how to eliminate the bad. With business intelligence consulting, you’ll discover which metrics are most valuable to your company, which data sources can provide answers to key business questions, and how to display the data in ways that help your team make better decisions.

You’ll also benefit from a proven approach and repeatable process that encompasses:

Icon representing data management strategy


Perform initial discovery, assess client needs, document business goals and objectives, and create an action plan.

Icon representing data management implementation


Acquire and connect the data, validate and cleanse it, develop data management processes, and analyze.

Icon representing data management optimization


Evolve analysis and reporting, adapt implementation, and develop new dashboards as business changes and matures.

Icon representing data management training


Tap into business intelligence consultants for ongoing education and training to achieve sustainable results.

Proven BI Consultants

Clients have turned to Blast for their data analysis and management since 1999. Our business intelligence consulting methodology has been successfully applied to organizations of all types in various industries, including travel, retail, healthcare, finance, tech, software, media and others.

Engage a BI consultant to share your story and pain points, get started with a comprehensive data management plan, and further EVOLVE your organization.

Make the Most of Your Data

Don’t settle for meaningless numbers when clean, accurate data is critical for making informed business decisions. A partnership with Blast gives you access to some of the brightest minds in business intelligence and analytics.

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