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Are you losing valuable business insights because you’re underutilizing your analytics platform? If you want to become a master, you must learn the fundamentals.

Fundamental Training Overview

Google AnalyticsBlast Analytics & Marketing’s Google Analytics Fundamentals course walks you through the basics. This 101 course will start from the beginning of setting up an account, installing the tracking code, learning the details of the interface, to walking through the many enlightening reports available to you, right out of the box.

It will be a day of interactive and hands-on training led by a Google Analytics expert and Certified Web Analyst which, until now, has only been offered to our clients such as LeapFrog, Rockstar Games, and eBay.

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Discover How to Unlock Actionable Insights

The following topics will be covered in detail during the Google Analytics fundamentals training:

Google Analytics Fundamentals

  • Setting up and account
  • Intalling the tracking code
  • Basic terminology
  • Metrics & Dimensions
  • Creating a Measurement Plan

Report Fundamentals

  • Navigating the reports
  • Selecting and comparing date ranges
  • Sorting / filtering reports and secondary dimensions
  • Sampling triggers and content aggregation
  • Email and export shortcuts

Traffic Sources

  • How attribution works
  • Different categories of traffic
  • Paid Search
  • Campaign tagging
  • Answering business questions

Content – What Did They Do?

  • Top Content
  • Landing Pages (bounce rate)
  • Event tracking
  • Configuring and understanding internal site search

User – How Do I Identify Them?

  • Understanding how unique users are measured
  • Analyzing location and geographic data
  • New vs. returning users
  • Understanding mobile and device types

Goals & Ecommerce – Did They Perform Key Actions?

  • Measuring site performance effectiveness
  • Configuring goals and understanding goal reporting
  • Shopping behavior (basic / enhanced ecommerce)

What Can I Expect?

Our seasoned team will share their expertise and insights with you as they navigate through the intricacies of Google Analytics. You will learn how to use Google Analytics like our experts, you will understand how to extract valuable business data from reports that were previously intimidating or complex.

During this course, you will be provided with a take-away guide that contains a reference for basic concepts and terminology, along with a cheat sheet for Regular Expressions, lists of online resources, and more.

What Should You Bring?

We encourage participants to bring a laptop to take notes and/or follow along in their own accounts. Wifi access will be provided.

Also included:

  • Catered lunch
  • Detailed Resource Guide
  • Expert guided small group exercises
  • Tasty snacks
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