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Data Analyst

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Andrew Millett at Folsom Lake with his wife and parents

Andrew Millett

Data Analyst

As Data Analyst at Blast Analytics, Andrew helps organizations transform, translate, model, and interpret data to gain the insights they need. Understanding that data holds the answers to many questions, but that those answers aren’t always immediately visible, Andrew works to uncover the information that matters most to a business.

Prior to joining Blast in 2020, Andrew was a Data Science Intern for Progressive Leasing, helping with their risk management team to identify anomalies across the business.

Andrew received a BS in Statistics from Brigham Young University in Provo, taking classes in R coding, common data science practices, and advanced statistical methods that help in his day-to-day job today.

More about Andrew

I joined Blast…

Because I could tell it was a company that really cared for its community and its employees. I saw how many charities that Blast donates time and money to, and how much they encourage us to be active citizens and help our own communities across the country.

A cool part of my job is…

Andrew Millett with his brother-in-law

The opportunities I have to learn. Since I came to Blast, I have learned more about natural language processing, forecasting methods, look alike modeling, and all kinds of lessons for the different domains I have worked in.

My consulting “philosophy” is…

To provide clear insights to the really difficult questions. Lots of my clients aren’t even sure what methods exist to answer their questions, but I love getting to the core of the problem they need answered and showing them what their data is hiding.

It’s not on my resume, but…

I really love to bake and cook. At one point I considered picking up a job at a bakery.

One of my first jobs was…

Helping ship fabric squares and cutting yards of fabric for a local business called Emerald City Fabrics.

The most interesting place I’ve traveled is…

Yosemite National Park, which is nice and close. My mom gave me a healthy love of flora and fauna, and my dad inspired me to spend as much time as I can outdoors. Yosemite was beautiful to behold and very interesting to see the kinds of wildlife in the area.

My hobbies include…

While I do love hiking and have climbed several mountains (including Utah’s highest peak), I also enjoy spending time playing video games with my friends who live several states away.

A favorite quote of mine is…

“To love people, to be indispensable somewhere, that is the purpose of life. That is the secret of happiness” – J. Edgar Park

Andrew Millett MYM Quote

Lots of my clients aren’t even sure what methods exist to answer their questions, but I love getting to the core of the problem they need answered and showing them what their data is hiding

Achievements - Making Their Mark

CMS Logo


Andrew has worked on customer journey visualizations, as well as cohort comparisons for different beneficiaries.

Fracture Logo



Andrew has performed repeat customer analysis as well as revenue forecasting.

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Andrew has helped analyze the increased return on ad spend across different geographic regions when compared to their baseline spend.

Looker's JOIN@Home Conference Logo

Industry Engagement

[email protected] Conference

Andrew attended Looker’s [email protected] conference for continued learning and networking within the data industry.

Blast Statistical A/B Calculator

Thought Leadership

Blast Statistical A/B Calculator

Andrew helped code and publish Blast’s innovative A/B calculator, which is available as an extension on the Chrome Store.

Boy Scouts of America Logo


Boy Scouts of America

Andrew has always been active in his communities. He received an Eagle Scout award from the Boy Scouts of America as a result of service projects he completed in his hometown.

Placer Food Bank


Placer Food Bank

As part of Blast’s company involvement, Andrew helped at the Placer Food Bank to provide food to families in need.

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