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The Importance of Web Site Content in a Redesign

May 23, 2008

Looking at a redesign of your web site entails not only the look and feel of the site, but, to be done right, should include your content as well.

Many businesses fail to take into account how much time needs to be devoted to writing content for their web site. Because running your business is first and foremost, it is imperative that you plan ahead when preparing to rewrite your content. Planning to redesign your site and revise the content later can increase the cost of the project over time and make your new website ineffective. One of the most important aspects of your preparation for redesigning your site is reviewing your current content (or lack thereof) and formulating a plan to update and make this content work towards your company’s ultimate business goals. Using existing content or omitting content simply because you don’t have the time to write it will affect the effectiveness of the site and the potential return on your investment.

Consider if you will realistically have the time and / or resources to redevelop your content before beginning the design process. If you think you won’t have the time to do it right or you just don’t think you can write well, then hire it out. Keep in mind though, this is your business – who knows it better than you? Who knows how to sell it better than you? You don’t want to cut corners when it comes to content if you expect your website to live up to expectations.

As we have discussed before in our article Web Design For Credibility, when someone first arrives at your web site they immediately form an opinion of it and you have a small window of opportunity to capture their attention. A good portion of their opinion is formed based on the design, however, the content of your website makes a big difference as well. If the content of your site is useful, relevant and well organized for the reader you stand a better chance of converting those visitors into real leads. What you say and how you say it is an important aspect of quality content. This means short sentences that make sense, and content that solves a problem or answers a question.

So plan ahead and don’t start your redesign process without making sure you will have time to devote to writing effective content for your sexy new site. We help our clients ensure that their content is effective in Information Architecture, for SEO and for their online marketing goals. If you think quality first and quantity second you can build a website that provides your visitors a satisfying experience and have them coming back to see what new content you have added over and over.


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