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Top Analytics and Digital Experience Articles in 2021

January 28, 2022

2021 was a good year for thought leadership at Blast, with nearly 50 unique articles published on digital analytics, digital experience, digital transformation, data management, marketing activation, and user privacy.

Our subject matter experts – and top-tier consultants – continue to address key topics to help brands strategically and tactically EVOLVE their businesses in today’s data-driven, experience-focused business landscape.

It’s only fitting that we share our most popular posts (based on traffic) from 2021. Click through the headlines to revisit these posts, or simply head to our Insights page to access all of our articles through the years.

Without further ado…

10. Why Data Storytelling is Essential to Strategic Business Cases

business team meeting

Data storytelling made a splash on our thought leadership scene and resulted in three of our top 10 articles. And for good reason. Data is only as good as the story it tells, or the insights that it spawns. It can also lead to more effective conversations and buy-in with business leaders, as this article emphasizes.

9. Top 5 Digital Customer Experience Trends for 2021

customer experience trends

Customer experience also continued to be a hot topic across the industry, with brands recognizing this will make or break their competitive advantage. This article brought to light some trends that influence customer experience strategy.

8. Customer Journey Insights from Path Analysis

hero image representing customer journey

Speaking of customer experience, to effectively deliver on that, organizations must understand their customers’ behavior. This article explores how a path analysis can help you remove friction and add value to optimize your customer journey.

7. Uplevel Your A/B Testing Dashboards with Adobe Analysis Workspace

teammates looking at a/b testing dashboards

Though published later in the year, this article attracted strong attention for showcasing how you can build out visualizations within Adobe Analysis Workspace to increase the efficiency and values of your tests. Learn how to turn this tool into a one-stop shop for your A/B testing program.

6. Top Customer Data Platform Trends for 2021

cdp trends 2021

Among our first articles of the year, this trends post hit the mark with where Blast saw customer data platforms (CDPs) heading in 2021 and beyond. Sure enough, customer experience, artificial intelligence and machine learning, and privacy were topics surrounding the CDP space throughout the year.

5. Why Data Storytelling is an Essential Data Science Skill

two people learning data science skills

Data storytelling represents an exciting new field of expertise, where art and science truly converge. Read how this skill can help organizations unleash the power of their vasts amounts of data by translating insights into action and outcomes.

4. Top 5 Data Storytelling Trends for 2021

image representing data storytelling trends

Setting the tone for our data storytelling theme, this forward-looking article highlights the growing emphasis on more clearly and meaningfully communicating insights. One key takeaway is the importance of narrative to complement the visual, while another is the need for training.

3. Top 5 Digital Analytics Industry Trends 2021

computer screen with digital analytics trends

Authored by Joe Christopher, our Vice President, Analytics, this has been a well-respected article the past few years. His 2021 predictions didn’t disappoint, poignantly discussing the growth of digital experience measurement, evolving privacy laws, and a few other key trends.

2. Google Analytics 4 Migration: Your Guide to Getting Started

a flock of migrating geese, symbolic of a google analytics 4 migration

With the new Google Analytics – affectionately called GA4 – making news throughout the year, it was only fitting that Blast, as a long-time Certifed Google Analytics Partners, weigh in. And more specifically, share our expertise on how to plan for a migration, which this article aptly does.

And, drum roll, please…

1. 5 Digital Personalization Trends to Know for 2021

hand touching screen

Appropriately, our first post of the year emerged as our most viewed. And while time was on its side, the industry’s strong interest in personalization and optimizing digital experiences clearly drew readers to this article written by one of our most published thought leaders, Roopa Carpenter.

We hope this compilation of our top articles from 2021 is a useful reference as you navigate a new year full of challenges and opportunities with your analytics and digital experience initiatives.

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