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Increase ROI by Including Privacy Experience in Your Digital Experience Optimization

January 27, 2022

Customer demands and expectations are redefining the digital landscape at a rapid pace. Customers want tailored digital experiences, yet at the same time are increasingly concerned about their privacy.

As a result, brands are challenged with how to balance personalization with respect for user data – something further amplified by the coming end to third-party cookies. However, the shift to first-party data is a growing opportunity to use and protect customer data in their marketing efforts.

Brands that take advantage and incorporate privacy into their digital experience optimization strategy will create and maintain competitive advantage by building greater trust with their customers – strengthening customer loyalty and ultimately increasing revenue.

Read our full article about the growing need to meet increasing customer expectations, both from a personalization and privacy perspective.

Roopa Carpenter
About the Author

Roopa Carpenter is Vice President of Digital Experience (DX) at Blast. She leads a team of talented, DX consultants responsible for helping brands to better understand, optimize and measurably impact their digital experience. With many years of experience, Roopa offers a high level of knowledge and guidance to clients across a variety of industries regarding testing and personalization strategy and execution, user experience research and closing the empathy gap through Voice of Customer. Her data-driven approach focuses on impacting customer conversion and driving desired business outcomes.

Connect with Roopa on LinkedIn. Roopa Carpenter has written on the Blast Digital Customer Experience and Analytics Blog.

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