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Benefits of Usability Testing

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Why Usability Testing?

Usability testing is typically a live 1 on 1 session between a moderator and a study participant. The moderator asks the participant to perform a number of tasks representative of those that would be performed by actual users.

We use a think-out-loud protocol which allows users to give real time feedback as they perform tasks. Typically, the participant answers a number of interview questions before and after testing sessions and the moderator collects necessary usability data throughout the experiment.

Long before testing begins, a usability expert designs a custom study script, which serves as the experiment protocol. This document is a combination of our knowledge about qualitative research and leverages our clients’ unique domain expertise.

Key Benefits of Usability Testing

Usability studies are proven to decrease support costs, increase user satisfaction, and save on development and redesign efforts.

Is your site usable? If you don’t have solid data about how users experience your site, a usability study provides qualitative feedback and helps improve your interactive experience.

Usability testing measures behavior, not preference.  Users are notoriously bad at articulating what they want; however, by observing and measuring behavior, we can understand what best supports their goals and motivations.

Gain a competitive advantage.  A poor user experience can and will have a negative impact on you brand. A good website experience is expected by users, especially when competitors are one click away.

If you are too close to your site or application to see it from a fresh perspective, usability testing can help you take a step back and focus on the features that really matter to actual users.

Overwhelmed by data? Our reporting focuses on the data and design changes that will have the most impact to your business. We’ll keep it high-level and dive into the data when necessary.

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