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We can test your website in our usability testing lab or provide remote on-site testing

Our in-house usability testing lab is the only state-of-the-art usability testing facility serving Northern California (Sacramento, Roseville & the Bay Area).

Professionally testing your website in a usability testing lab will help you gain a better understanding of how users experience your website and how you can fix problem areas that are causing frustration or abandonment.  We recruit users from your target audience and observe their behaviors & interactions with your website or prototype to identify problem areas.  Then we will provide you with detailed findings (including video of usability testing sessions) and recommendations to correct the problem areas.

There usability testing lab is comprised of two rooms; the actual usability testing lab and an observation room.

Observation room

You watch the participant’s screen & observe facial expressions via picture-in-picture face camera.  We have a flat panel monitor with a surround sound audio system—so that you study how users experience your site in detail.

Think-out loud protocol allows you to follow participants’ verbal reactions throughout usability testing sessions.

Our equipment is designed to capture on-screen video for video editing and post processing—so that each usability testing session is documented and recoded.

We have whiteboard space, comfortable chairs and snacks. It is an ideal place for taking notes, or just watching and listening.

Usability Testing Lab details

  • We customize the usability testing lab setup based on your exact needs.
  • A typical usability testing setup includes a 17 inch monitor, Windows XP or Vista, Morae software & a webcam.
  • Screen resolution can be set at 1024×768, 1280×1024 and adjusted higher or lower based on your intended audience demographic.
  • Remote usability testing is available upon request.  We can travel to your location and arrange on-site testing with our travel usability equipment.

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