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Transforming Adobe Target from a Cost Center to a Profit Center

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Transforming Adobe Target from a Cost Center to a Profit Center


A Canadian insurance brand sought to get more out of their investment in Adobe Target.


Years ago, this Canadian insurance company made an investment to improve the customer experience by purchasing Adobe Target, considered to be one of the leading experimentation and personalization platforms. Unfortunately, the company soon experienced technical issues with the platform, severely impacting their ability to run effective Target activities. In fact, these issues forced them to abandon their testing efforts because of the impact it was having on the user experience.

The company recently reached out to Blast for help, since they recognized they weren’t getting any value in return from this investment. The technical issues were so pronounced that, prior to starting their engagement with Blast, they removed the Adobe Target snippet from their website, even though they continued to pay for the platform.


As part of Blast’s onboarding process with new testing and personalization clients, a critical first step is to perform a technical audit of relevant technology. This certainly was a top priority in this case, considering the significant cost our client was incurring by investing in Adobe Target without being able to use it effectively for years.

Troubleshooting this issue required looking beyond the typical root causes. A benefit of working with Blast is that we work as a single team to solve multidisciplinary issues that often span beyond just core Adobe Target expertise. This particular issue required strong collaboration between our development team in Adobe Target and our analytics implementation consultants in Adobe Launch.


As a result of this collaboration, Blast was able to successfully diagnose and resolve the underlying issues. Specifically, Blast identified a front-end code issue on the website that was acting as a hindrance to Adobe Target. With these issues resolved, for the first time in years, this company will be able to run valid tests. As such, they’ll begin to see a return on their investment in Adobe Target as they partner with Blast to lead their experimentation efforts.