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Formspring partners with Blast Analytics & Marketing to optimize Google Analytics Premium for business-critical scalability and custom insights.

Formspring is a rapidly growing social site that encourages people to find out more about each other in a simple and fun way. By providing a way for people to easily ask questions and share their responses, Formspring grew from launch to 25 million accounts in its first 18 months with over 3.4 billion questions answered. With a growing user base and a rapidly developing platform, Formspring chose Google Analytics Premium to solve their digital analytics needs.

Rapid growth requires rapid access to more data.

A rapidly growing social network with millions of people interacting each day, Formspring generates a high volume of activity. As traffic and time-on-site increased, the need to see the whole picture became increasingly urgent. While using the free version of Google Analytics, Formspring was using sampled data, the practice of selecting a subset of data from your website traffic, which is commonly used for sites with large traffic volumes. This practice, widely used in statistical analysis, did not satisfy the need for granular data to make critical business decisions. Because Google Analytics Premium does not sample data, Formspring now has the opportunity to collect, process, and analyze all of the site’s performance data gaining valuable insight to drive site improvements for all of its users.

More data from Google Analytics Premium has given us the assurance that our analytics platform can scale with our growing business needs while providing us with valuable insights that help improve the experience of our users.

Ade Olonoh, Founder and CEO

Formspring worked with Blast Analytics & Marketing, a Google Analytics Premium Authorized Reseller, to implement, support and optimize the usage of Google Analytics Premium. Working with an Authorized Reseller helped Formspring unleash the full power of the Google Analytics Premium platform. Not to mention, working with an independent agency in choosing an enterprise analytics solution helped maintain confidence in their decision.

Enterprise customization provides clear insight into business opportunities

One key feature of Premium critical to the success of Formspring is the availability of 50 custom variables. With a worldwide user base and custom measurement opportunities, the 5 custom variable slots limited custom tracking capabilities. More specifically, Formspring can use multiple custom variables to collect general demographic information and user properties that help segment traffic and increase growth among specific user groups.

A powerful deciding factor in choosing Google Analytics Premium was the Service Level Agreements providing specific guarantees for data collection, processing, and reporting. With reports guaranteed to be available within 4 hours and typically available within 2 hours, Formspring is able to more quickly react to the activity of their audience participating on their social network. Decisions that were previously made on data over 24 hours old can now be made much more quickly.