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A national automotive brand sought to improve the digital experience for users looking to personalize their vehicle search.


One of the challenges for an automotive brand is to introduce users to their fleet of vehicles and then encourage them to engage meaningfully on the site. The ultimate goal is to guide these users to take the next step – request a quote. One of the most effective ways to provide this engaging experience is to put the control back in the hands of the users by allowing them to build their own vehicle. Given the importance of this feature in the customer’s journey, the client was particularly interested in ways to optimize this experience.


Analyzing quantitative data revealed that users did not necessarily struggle to find the “Build a Vehicle” landing pages. Instead, there was a greater opportunity to improve the user experience once users reached these pages. Specifically, interacting with the tool’s filters was an important step in being able to customize the vehicle. However, locating these filters and understanding how to proceed to the next step was not clear.

Blast proposed a test recommendation that focused on increasing the prominence of the filter feature. Moreover, we proposed a couple of variations that optimized the messaging to provide clarity on how to proceed. We hypothesized that making it easier for visitors to use the “Build a Vehicle” tool would not only lead to more users finishing their vehicle build but more importantly, this would drive users further down the funnel and ultimately lead to an increase in Request a Quote submission rate.


Average lift in Request a Quote submission rate chart
Average lift in Request a Quote submission rate for the winning variation over the test duration

After running this test within Adobe Target for over a month and having sufficient conversion volume, the winning variation (which included the filter repositioning and new messaging) had a positive impact across the funnel. Specifically, the winning variation led to a 19% increase in users completing their customized vehicle build. More importantly, these users continued to engage with the site and this led to a 29% increase in Request a Quote submission rate.