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CPG Company: Domo Reveals Customer Behavior to Increase Product Usage & Decrease Customer Churn

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CPG Company: Domo Reveals Customer Behavior to Increase Product Usage & Decrease Customer Churn


A consumer packaged goods company collects and measures alcohol distribution data for individual companies, and for the industry. Using their real-time app, their representatives visit in-store displays to track important metrics such as:

  • Featured brands
  • Supply quantities
  • Product placement
  • Aisle displays

Their customers then use this information to review display execution, suggest new executions to suppliers, and use retail space photos to train sales teams, lessening the burden for company representatives to visit each store.

image of cpg company dashboard

They also aggregate this information for industry analysis, identifying trends and brands that are high performers.


Although the company was collecting this information for their customers, they realized they did not have insight into how customers were using their website and app. Once this information gap was identified, several questions surfaced, such as:

  • What cell service are customers using?
  • How many pictures are being uploaded?
  • What platform features are customers using most frequently?
  • How frequently are they using it?
  • How many reps within a company are utilizing it?

The company wanted to use this information to optimize the way sales representatives use the site and app, helping increase adoption and eliminating churn.


Blast Analytics & Marketing partnered with them to develop dashboards, using Domo, that would help answer these business questions.

The first step was to identify the data requirements essential to understanding how users interacted with their app and improving their understanding and behavior of their users.

Google Analytics was implemented via GTM to track both the portal and app. The Domo API connector to Google Analytics was used to pull data into Domo.

screenshot of implementation on domo dashboard

Finally, an ETL process was setup within Domo to pull in sales representative user information. This information was then joined with anonymous Google Analytics data to build rich user profiles, and Domo dashboards were created.


On a user level, the dashboards helped the client understand how sales representatives were using their product. They could now identify representatives as either a “high” or “weak” user. This information was then used to contact “weak” users to increase their knowledge of app features, conduct training to increase ease of use and adoption among teams, and decreases customer churn

screenshot of cpg company's app usage

They also track general behavior within their website and app to measure important actions such as:

  • Most used app features
  • Breakdown of use by regions/markets

This has allowed the company to tailor their field marketing initiatives to regions where they are most vulnerable to losing customers. By focusing on these regions, they increase ROI for their field marketing events, and decreases customer churn.

screenshot of cpg company's ep usage