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ROCKLIN, CA (September 21, 2016)Personalization is no longer optional. To engage, convert, and retain customers, organizations must deliver targeted content throughout the entire customer experience. Those that do will gain significant competitive advantage and return on investment from their digital marketing efforts.

Take, for example, which continues to dominate by excelling at offering personalized recommendations. In fact, 56% of consumers say the online retailer demonstrates an understanding of their individual preferences and needs on a regular basis.

“Web personalization is becoming democratized…87% of companies have seen a lift of at least 5%”

– VentureBeat

In fact, research by VentureBeat on the value of having a personalization strategy found that almost half the companies polled saw an increase of at least 20% in metrics that matter most to their business, and 87% of companies have seen a lift of at least 5%.

Personalization Consulting Delivered

Blast Analytics & Marketing, a leading digital analytics and marketing consulting company, is proud to partner with Optimizely, the world’s leading experience optimization platform. As an Optimizely Certified Partner and consultant, Blast applies its personalization expertise to help enterprise clients deliver targeted content and tailored experiences across every customer touchpoint.

Blast has announced the following developments supporting the partnership:

  • Platinum Sponsorship at Opticon San Francisco and New York — For 2016, Blast is a Platinum Sponsor for Opticon, Optimizely’s flagship event for the testing and optimization community, in San Francisco and New York, where attendees see how the most innovative digital companies are embracing testing and personalization.
  • Highest Optimizely Certified Partner Level — Blast has worked with Optimizely since 2011 and became an Optimizely Certified Partner in early 2016, guiding various clients with their procurement and implementation of the platform to increase customer engagement, interactions, and conversions. In September 2016, Blast achieved “3-Star” status — Optimizely’s highest solution partner level — underscoring its testing and personalization expertise.
  • Optimizely’s First Authorized Accelerate for Personalization Developer — In September 2016, Blast also became Optimizely’s first Authorized Accelerate for Personalization Developer, promoted as a preferred partner in helping companies accelerate their personalization programs. Through this trusted relationship, Optimizely customers can leverage Blast’s premier personalization consultants to meet their personalization goals faster and easier, even without in-house developers.

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Blast Analytics & Marketing is a leading analytics and digital marketing consulting company supporting leaders to EVOLVE their organizations. Through its deep expertise and proven process honed over for nearly 20 years working with clients worldwide, the company helps enterprises transform their data into actionable insights and better decision making — to do more of what works and less of what doesn’t. Visit BlastAM.

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