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Supporting Leaders to EVOLVE
  • Does your team struggle to grow lead generation and improve conversion rates?
  • Are you wondering whether bidding on your brand terms is the right approach for your business?
  • Does increasing competition make it harder to hit a strong ROI?

We get it – the success of your PPC campaigns (and about 50 other marketing efforts!) rests squarely on your shoulders. You need more leads and revenue from your Paid Search (PPC) marketing dollars.

It’s time to use a data-driven paid search management company that will provide creative insights and help you take action to achieve your goals.

Why Choose Blast for PPC Management?

1. Start With a Solid Strategy

The process begins with a well documented PPC search audit and discovery session performed by Senior Paid Search Strategists to ensure we understand your goals and what tactics will work best for your business. It’s not just about the keywords!

2. Set Goals Per Tactic

Together, we work to develop a custom strategy which informs a Measurement For Success Framework — a matrix that links KPIs with traffic sources, goals, messaging, and budgets.

3. Optimize for Conversions

As necessary, restructure your account, test new tactics, hone in on messaging, and understand what converts for your business. Optionally, perform Landing Page Optimization and Testing services to help you move the needle even more without adding more vendors.

4. Add SEO + Analytics

SEO and analytics experts at Blast identify goals that will get the right traffic at the right price, and provide data that can improve other channels (i.e. messaging results, which calls to action work, which keywords perform best). Plus, you’ll get reports and dashboards to evaluate performance.

5. Google Partners

Extensive PPC expertise, along with DoubleClick, Bing and Google Partner status means that we use strategic frameworks, can get issues resolved fast, and can get you access to betas of the latest tools and tactics.

6. Get Results

Besides helping you achieve your goals, we can change your ideas about what is possible with paid search, attribution modeling, testing, search marketing and data visualization — to deliver outcomes that will make you shine.

Paid Search Management Leads to Smarter Decisions

PPC is often the first impression of the brand, and first impressions count. It’s also the most scrutinized channel for fast results, and the best lever you can pull in a pinch when other channels aren’t getting sales or leads quickly enough.

Digital is our playground, and we leverage SEO and analytics expertise to identify short and long term goals to support your marketing efforts holistically, and respond quickly with clear strategic direction.

With PPC management services, you can move from reactive to proactive — which has a tendency to make performance graphs go up and to the right.

Get Ready for New Paid Search Insights & Action

Partnering with Blast for your paid search management gives you access to senior paid search marketing consultants who look beyond the click for insights, take action proactively, and get results.

Testing & Landing Page Optimization

You can’t just bring a horse to water using paid search – the user has to have a good experience in order to improve quality score, reduce spend, and turn new visitors into brand advocates. Our team of paid search consultants, marketing analysts, and conversion strategists with deep expertise across many industries, can perform testing on your landing pages and website experiences to find out what makes your audience take action.


Through a well-developed content strategy across all online channels you can keep your audience engaged at every stage of the customer journey, and answer their questions along the way. The goal is to have Content Strategy, SEO and PPC work together to dominate the SERPs for your target search terms.

Domination aside, with these services provided by one vendor you have the ability to use paid search learnings about messaging, CTAs, and strategy to inform SEO, and vice versa. You can also test out new marketing strategies in paid search before investing in them through SEO.

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