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Content Gap Analysis Conceptual Mental Model
Most likely, one of your top business goals is to increase conversion and revenue; however, you’ll only succeed if your users succeed. You must address each target audience’s needs across all stages of the customer journey.

Answering user questions and providing relevant information creates awareness, builds leadership, improves brand affinity, and maintains share of mind. More importantly, it avoids customers seeking other sources for information, including your competitors.

Exceed Your Competition

Speaking of competitors, wouldn’t it be nice to know what high-performing content they have that you don’t? Many content gap analyses don’t include competitive comparisons, and even if they do, it’s not nearly the depth of analysis that Blast delivers, which takes into account search value and search visibility.

Create Business Value

That said, it’s not enough to simply give users what they want or mirror the competition. You need to develop content that aligns with your business goals, differentiates you, and supports your evolution. For example, we will help you identify opportunities based on new, increasing search queries, which can shape your content roadmap, service vision, and/or product development.

Strategic Content Gap Consulting Services

Our strategic content gap analysis consulting services help you understand how you stack up in your industry and against specific competitors, with respect to content coverage and search visibility.

Having the right content in the right place at the right time will drive awareness, interest, evaluation, decision making, and retention–supporting each stage of the customer journey.

Top Benefits of Content Gap Analysis

  • Assess Search Performance – Measure how well content is ranking for top keywords.
  • Identify Existing Disadvantages – Reactively identify existing competitive disadvantages.
  • Proactive Threat Assessment – Identify competitive threats up to 18 months in advance of major adverse impact.
  • Prioritize Efforts – Appropriately balance business opportunity, customer needs, and competitive threats.

Competitor & Industry Benchmarking

The content gap analysis includes comprehensive research, strategy and interactive visualization tools to answer valuable questions, such as:

  • Who is leading in your industry?
  • What content do they have?
  • What content are they creating?
  • What is their content strategy focus?
  • How do you stack up to specific competitors?
  • Do competitors have content driving high-value search traffic that you don’t?

Industry and Competitor Content Gap Analysis Benchmarking Data Visualization

Content Coverage Analysis

Content coverage analysis is another deliverable that will help you benchmark your content coverage, enabling you to measure your progress and evaluate how you stack up on an ongoing basis with your competition. Not only can you compare your content development progress with competitors by content theme, you also can drill down to the page level to further understand opportunities and threats.

Content Coverage Analysis Chart Example

Content Gap Analysis Process Includes:

  • Discovery
  • Qualitative analysis
  • Quantitative analysis
  • Keyword research
  • Competitive research
  • Content strategy (to cover content themes and customer journey for each target audience/persona)
  • Content inventory
  • Content audit (optional)
  • Customer journey analysis (optional)
  • Conversion performance analysis (optional)
  • Data visualization dashboard (to measure progress and analyze competitor changes over time)
  • Ongoing monthly or quarterly content gap analysis and content strategy

The content gap analysis also can lead to the development of actionable deliverables such as the content roadmap, which provides prioritized, page-by-page content recommendations for creating high-value content that performs well in search, addresses user needs, exceeds your competition, and supports your business goals.

Make Your Users Happy and Gain Competitive Advantage

If you are ready to achieve your business goals and outperform your competition, start with a content gap analysis that will help you address user needs, optimize your marketing efforts and create a competitive advantage. Contact us to discuss your organization and how we can tailor our consulting solutions to your specific needs.

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