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Anyone can publish content, but as research and our own experience shows, many organizations are ineffective at it. If you’re not delivering the right content to the right users at the right time, you’re missing a valuable opportunity for engagement and conversion, and ultimately achieving your desired business results. That can change with Blast’s content strategy consulting services and expertise – from content gap analysis to content workflow process, and everything in between.

What is Content Strategy?

Ask ten people what content strategy means, and you’ll likely get ten varied answers. At Blast, we define content strategy as planning for the publishing, promotion, governance, and measurement of content. Specifically, content strategy defines how you’re going to effectively:

  • Use content to achieve business goals;
  • Drive brand storytelling and awareness;
  • Deliver content that meets users’ needs;
  • Manage content throughout its lifecycle; and
  • Measure the success of your content efforts

Content Strategy

Benefits of Content Strategy

Why should content strategy be at the top of your agenda this year? This quarter? This month? Because every organization can achieve greater success executing a well-researched, thoughtfully developed content strategy. Not only is it the right thing to do for your users, who deserve an optimal user experience for taking time to interact with your brand, but also for your business, which will gain (among other benefits):

  • Consistency – Drive alignment with your brand and overall messaging, ensuring every piece of content serves a purpose connected with the greater business objective(s).
  • Efficiency – Coordinate and repurpose content across various channels (website, email, video, social media, public relations, etc.) to maximize reach and value of your efforts.
  • Quality – Produce quality over quantity, making each piece strong enough to be used in different forms, across multiple channels, addressing your various users’ needs.
  • Longevity – Increase the lifespan and impact of your content with relevant and useful assets across each stage of the “customer journey,” for conversion and retention.
  • Effectiveness – Measure and analyze your performance against defined KPIs to continuously refine your content and user experience for optimal results.

Questions That Content Strategy Will Help You Answer

A good content strategy answers questions across the content lifecycle, including:

  • Why are we publishing the content?
  • Who is our target audience(s) for the content?
  • Where should we publish the content?
  • When should we deliver this content?
  • What is the content’s call to action?
  • How can we repurpose the content across channels?
  • How should we organize and structure our content?
  • How do we publish and maintain our content?
  • How does our content compare to the competition?
  • How do our users interact with our content?
  • How do we measure our content?
  • How do we optimize our content?
  • And more

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