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Sideshow Collectibles: Paid Search Optimizations Increase Revenue

Supporting Leaders to EVOLVE


Sideshow Collectibles ( worked with Blast to improve its organic search presence across high-value products and categories on its site. The Blast paid search team was asked to take over PPC management in February 2014 to drive additional value across the channel.


A leader in the film collectibles space, Sideshow wanted to scale Paid Search presence and revenue. It also sought to dominate the space and expand its reach while still focusing on its niche audience for the greatest return.


Blast conducted a Paid Search audit to identify areas of opportunity. We created a new account hierarchy and new campaigns for better control and performance insights.

We then optimized device, location, and budget settings to maximize the exposure of high-performing campaigns.

Once the bones of the account were in good shape, we synced the merchant center data feed to add Shopping Campaigns and dynamic product ads. We updated ads and ad extensions to create more engaging experiences.


Thanks to Sideshow’s willingness to work closely and quickly with Blast, we were able to rapidly implement new recommendations, resulting in very significant and swift wins with clear revenue gains:

Revenue and Spend over time (by quarter)

While efficiently improving sales is the primary goal, expanding reach is also an important success metric for Sideshow’s Paid Search account. We increased impression share while achieving a better average position, all without sacrificing efficiency:

Impression Share & Avg Position over time (by month)

2.8x More Revenue YoY

  • ROAS is up 282%
  • Revenue is up 281%

Reach Expansion

  • Average Position is down 35%
  • Impression Share is up 81%

Blast’s strategic and nimble Paid Search management, along with their willingness to think outside the box, took our campaigns to record-breaking levels – levels we didn’t know we could reach!

Chris Pirrotta, Director of Project Management
Sideshow Collectibles