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Customer Segmentation Quick Start

Supporting Leaders to EVOLVE

Segment and Target Your Customers

Customer segmentation has the potential to help marketers address each unique customer in the most effective way. Using the large amount of data available on customers (and potential customers), a customer segmentation analysis enables marketers to identify discrete groups of customers with a high degree of accuracy based on demographic, behavioral, and a wide range of other indicators.

Leveraging Blast’s customer segmentation consulting expertise, leaders like you can use this information to better understand commonalities that exist among your highest value customers, tailor your marketing efforts accordingly, and EVOLVE your organization.


Understand your customers better

Build precise known and anonymous audience segments for targeted campaigns

Reduce customer churn

Lower customer acquisition costs

Drive cross-selling success

Improve customer efficiency and resource management

Identify high-value customers

Increase profitability from your marketing dollars



  • Kickoff Meeting – Understand business key performance indicators (KPIs) and segmentation goals; introduce customer segmentation process
  • Customer Segmentation Discovery Sessions
  • Data Review – Up to 2 data sets (i.e. analytics and marketing automation)
  • High-Value Customer Identification – Up to 3 segments (w/common characteristics)
  • Customer Segmentation Analysis
  • Visual Presentation of Findings



  • Visualization of Top 3 Customer Segments (identified and verified through the analysis)
  • Additional Segment Insights
  • Representative List of Customers (by segment)
  • Recommended Next Steps
  • Data and Analysis File (supporting the main conclusions)
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