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Blurb: Conversion Testing Drives $1.72 Million Increase in Lead Value

Supporting Leaders to EVOLVE


Blurb was looking to widen the top of their purchase funnel and ultimately increase revenues by increasing registrations.


Blurb knew the site was not converting at its potential, and reached out to Blast Analytics & Marketing to setup proper analytics tracking and analyze to identify weak links in their purchase funnel.

Benchmarking tool control page


After overhauling Blurb’s analytics configuration and implementing Adobe Target, Blast performed a detailed site analysis to identify and prioritize opportunities for improvement. The funnel step that stood out as seriously underperforming and offering the most potential impact was the “Choose a Bookmaking Tool” page.

By helping users make an easier and faster decision on what tool best fits their needs Blast hoped to minimize time, wasted steps, and frustration.

From the qualitative and quantitative research, Blast created a test plan that shared key learnings to improve the user experience and simplify the decision-making process at an early point in the ʻMake a Bookʼ funnel. Blast then devised and executed an iterative series of nine A/B tests that ran over a four week period. To maximize learnings and find a layout that would provide the optimum click mix, iterations included a multitude of variations such as:

  • Addition of images to help visually represent each choice
  • Clear action oriented headings
  • Clear tool option sub-headings
  • Descriptive product info to clarify the choices
  • Tool based button copy
  • Removal of footer link distractions
  • Compare choices tool


By implementing and learning from different variations, Blast was able to create the optimal page that clearly communicated key tool benefits and positively influenced micro and macro-conversions.

By making the choice simple for visitors and using Life Time Value (LTV) analysis based on tool pathway/conversion, Blast was able to significantly increase registration value and overall revenues.

Benchmarking tool page winning test layout

The winning version had an ideal balance that lead to 84% of the visitors clicking on the “registration” buttons and another 5% using the compare tool. This streamlined the decision-process for them and led to:

  • $1.72 million increase in annual registration value
  • 20% increase in registration conversions at 99%+ statistical significance
  • 19.8% increase in conversions
  • Lowered bounce rate by 3%

I can’t tell you how much I appreciate the support, insights and help you and your team have provided us!

Alexei Kulberg, Technical Project Manager