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Testing Increases Revenue 283% & Wins an Award

February 25, 2015

What are your visitors looking for? What’s going to make them take that next step to learn more, view a product page, or the ultimate goal, purchase your product? A lot of times you just don’t know, and that’s where conversion optimization comes in.

Primary Focus is on Learning

Now don’t be scared, we’re not suggesting you redesign your entire site, because most of the time the smallest adjustment can make a huge impact. However, sometimes the things you think are going to make a huge impact, just don’t. And that’s ok because you’re learning along the way, testing small changes here and there, and ultimately finding the best mix of elements for your visitors.

That’s exactly what happened when Telestream reached out to us looking for ways to incrementally improve the sales performance of their website, turning visitors into Flip4Mac buyers. By devising and executing a series of iterative landing page optimization tests we were able to strategically measure how revenue and conversion rates were being affected, uncover key learnings, and apply those learnings to subsequent iterations along the way. This process included small changes such as:

  • Shortening hero image to increase visibility of product feature matrix
  • Removing product feature matrix from page
  • Creating an enhanced product feature module

Astonishing Results

We didn’t set out to win a Which Test Won Gold Award in the Table Format category, but these were astonishing results. During this process we redesigned the product feature matrix, making the choice simple for visitors. By helping visitors better understand the differences across the product offerings and persuading them to select the popular, higher priced offering, we increased overall revenue.

Telestream Testing Page Examples and Stats

By learning from initial variations and applying those learnings to subsequent tests, we were able to find an optimal balance between messaging, relevance, and usability that optimized the product mix toward the pro version. This resulted in significant increases in conversion rates and average revenue per user with visitors from both segments (QuickTime and Microsoft).

Check out the full Conversion Testing Case Study.

What conversion testing tool did we use?

As Optimizely Solution Partners, we often select Optimizely to support our conversion optimization services, as we did in this case. However, being tool agnostic, we often work with whatever testing tool our client has in place. We regularly use a variety of conversion testing software such as Adobe Target, VWO, and Google Content Experiments. In addition, Google Analytics was used for our initial and ongoing research and analysis.

What Are the “Which Test Won” Awards? is a leading conversion rate optimization resource, featuring a number of services including live events on testing processes and tips, a weekly newsletter featuring the top A/B and multivariate tests, and their annual Online Testing Awards to showcase the best of the best in testing each year.

Judges evaluate a number of factors besides the lift in conversion rate, including the complexity of the test, its results (including counter-intuitiveness) and its value to other digital marketers. Over 1,000 people attended the live testing awards webcast and watched as only 30 winners were chosen from among 500 submissions.

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