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Telestream: Conversion Rate Optimization Testing Increases Revenue Almost 300%

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Telestream was looking for ways to incrementally improve the performance of the website, turning visitors into Flip4Mac buyers.


Telestream reached out to Blast to devise a testing plan that would provide actionable insights to increase site performance on two specific pages, the Flip4Mac landing page for Microsoft visitors and Flip4Mac landing page for QuickTime visitors.


Blast devised and executed a series of landing page optimization tests, working with Telestream Web Development to implement goal tracking within the Optimizely platform. They were strategically designed to measure how revenue and conversion rates were being effected, uncovering key learnings to be applied to subsequent iterations. This process included:

  • Shortening the hero image and increasing visibility of the product feature matrix increased click-through, but significantly lowered the average revenue per user since visitors were buying the less expensive product.
  • Removing the product feature matrix from the page resulted in an increased click-through on the hero image, but lowered the average revenue and conversion rate.
  • Creating an enhanced product feature module improved the readability and value proposition, which positively effected conversions and resulted in a significant increase in revenue.


These learnings led to a redesigned product feature matrix. The new design made the choice simple for visitors by helping them better understand the differences across the product offerings, and persuading them to select a higher priced offering, thus increasing overall revenue. The following is the optimized variation tested against each control page, and their respective results:

By learning from initial variations and applying those learnings to subsequent tests, Blast was able to find an optimal balance between messaging, relevance, and usability that altered the product mix towards the pro version. This resulted in significant increases in conversion rates and average revenue per user with visitors from both segments.

Blast’s combined expertise in the fields of conversion research, web analytics, and SEO, make them extremely useful as an outside resource that can lend multiple perspectives toward improving our website’s performance. I particularly appreciated their efforts in understanding our business and markets rather than just applying cookie cutter solutions.

Chuck Whitlock, Creative Services and Web Development Manager