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How Customer Data Platforms Can Benefit Marketers

April 7, 2022

We’ve written a lot on customer data platforms, or CDPs. But, like many marketers, you might still be wondering, “How would a CDP help me?”

What’s a CDP?

CDPs are central repositories of all the information you know about your customers. They allow you to combine customer data across all your touchpoints, to discover your customer stories, and ultimately to target your customers in highly directed ways.
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What Can a CDP Do For You?

Get to Know Your Customers

By aggregating all your data about your customers in a singular location, CDPs allow you to stitch your known customers together, providing a true 360-degree view of who they are and how they’re engaging with your organization. This allows you to classify them in highly marketable segments and identify the optimal ways to engage them. Going further, together.

CDPs allow you to stitch your known customers together, providing a true 360-degree view of who they are and how they’re engaging with your organization.

But how does a CDP help with this? CDPs are built for ingesting data from multiple disparate sources while identifying common identifiers for individual customers to allow you to merge all the sources together and create real-time segments for targeted marketing, website personalization, or other channel activation.
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Optimize Your Customer Engagement

Analyzing the results of customer targeting efforts can help you ensure that you are targeting customers in the right ways. Marketing is an art, but having a CDP helps you to turn it into a science and significantly improve your customers’ experience while increasing the ROI on your marketing spend.

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Nathan Poorbaugh
About the Author

Nathan is a Principal Solutions Architect at Blast Analytics with more than 8 years of experience in analytics, customer data platforms, and operationalizing of enterprise data and analytics solutions for customers. He’s built his career on building unique solutions for multiple Fortune 500 clients with strategic innovation and applicability at the forefront of his design decisions. Nathan has a passion for understanding things of complex nature to help organizations get the most out of their data.

Connect with Nathan on LinkedIn. Nathan Poorbaugh has written on the Blast Digital Customer Experience and Analytics Blog.

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