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Analytics Maturity Framework Quick Start

Supporting Leaders to EVOLVE

Establish an Analytics Roadmap

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Most organizations struggle with how data is leveraged across their organization, what tools are used to support the usage of data, and how to turn insights into action. Addressing these challenges can be difficult without a clear understanding of your organization’s deficiencies and a well-defined strategy to addresses these areas.

As a leading analytics consultancy, Blast can help you assess your organization’s analytics maturity, develop a roadmap to accelerate your analytics journey, and, ultimately, EVOLVE your organization.


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Identify and address hidden obstacles

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Understand the current state of analytics in your organization.

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Avoid common analytics team derailments

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Build support to implement a Digital Measurement Framework

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Improve governance, with an Analytics Center of Excellence (CoE)

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Prioritize analytics and optimization initiatives

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Gather both internal and external qualitative feedback

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Increase the chance that action will be taken and competitive advantage will be achieved

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  • Discovery Meeting
  • Initial Analytics Maturity Assessment
  • Analysis of Assessment Results
  • Presentation of Results and Recommendations – To key stakeholders
  • Development of Roadmap
  • Development of Action Plan



  • Assessment – Serves as a basis of collective understanding for the current state of analytics in the organization and helps more thoughtfully prioritize analytics and optimization initiatives
  • Roadmap – Provides the path to achieving your goals and creating business outcomes
  • Action Plan – Defines and prioritizes specific activities tied to the items on your roadmap
  • Benchmark – Sets and documents your initial score
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