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Take Me Fishing: Content Optimization Increases Organic Traffic

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With the mission of increasing the number of people boating and fishing through education and awareness, has a distinct need for content optimization to maximize their organic search exposure and increase their site traffic beyond 2013‘s average of 325k sessions per month.

Challenge measures its success by the volume of traffic to their site and the level of engagement of their users. Increasing the number of sessions from organic search is of prime importance and at the same time, that traffic needs to be highly-qualified to build brand affinity and long-term sustainability.

Not Enough Organic Search Traffic

Take Me Fishing had an unbalanced reliance on paid search traffic and limited content marketing resources to increase SEO.

Lack of Content Optimization had a significant amount of high-quality website content and excellent site authority, but did not have an SEO strategy for content or keywords. The lack of strategy and strong competition led to decreasing organic search rankings and traffic.

Search Optimization Efforts & Results

  1. Fishing Map page optimized; listed on second page of Google search for “best fishing spots” and receiving nearly no traffic.
  2. Moves from page 2 to #5 on page 1; traffic begins to increase.
  3. Ranking #1 in Google search for “best fishing spots” and traffic increased almost 1000% to 1,100 sessions per week.


The first step in our solution was a series of audits to expose technical, content and authority issues that were keeping the site from optimal performance. From these audits Blast was able to create a detailed, prioritized content optimization action plan that enabled immediate improvement to the site.

Blast then performed advanced keyword research and created a strategic keyword theme document to use as a foundation for all optimization.

With an effective SEO strategy and after a series of trainings, Take Me Fishing began to achieve an optimal balance of paid and organic search.


With a well-defined content optimization strategy involving in-depth keyword research, has reversed the downward trend of their organic search traffic, and achieved great results.

+964% More Organic Traffic

  • Year over year comparison
  • For specific pages that have been optimized

Bounce Rates Cut In Half

  • Created compelling page titles and meta descriptions
  • Matched search listings to page content

Take Me Fishing’s management is very impressed with the progress made to increase organic search traffic…

Rhonda Levine, VP, IT & Operations, Recreational Boating & Fishing Foundation
Take Me Fishing