Blast Analytics and Marketing

K-LOVE: Improved UX through Website Strategy, Usability Testing and Design Collaboration.

Supporting Leaders to EVOLVE


K-LOVE had a strong brand and a loyal following, but their website needed improvements in order to meet their goals of engaging their audience and showcasing more of what their ministry offers.



To ensure their brand transcended from radio to web, K-LOVE needed a strategic partner to help them create their website development strategy, identify key performance indicators and goals, create information architecture and wireframes, and perform usability testing.


K-LOVE Radio engaged with Blast Analytics & Marketing to create a strategy for a multi-faceted project with many moving parts. Blast created a 3 phased development approach to ensure proper goals and timelines, working closely with their designers and programmers throughout the process.

Website Strategy and Project Leadership

Blast provided guidance with website strategy, defining goals and objectives, project planning and prioritization, information architecture, and more.

Wireframe and Page Layout Guidance

K-LOVE’s design team needed design and page layout guidance to achieve user-friendly web pages that were well-organized and easy to navigate. Blast offered leadership in the art and science of user centered design, and provided wireframes, a style guide, as well as CSS/XHTML development support to ensure cross-browser compatibility and quality.

Usability and Site Structure Guidance

Using card sorting, competitive research and user feedback, Blast provided navigation naming recommendations to help users easily find what they were looking for. Blast also identified key user tasks and personas, created a site prototype, and performed usability testing in our lab to identify user difficulties before development began.


After development was complete, Blast performed user acceptance testing to ensure the site met users’ expectations. We consolidated findings including recorded usability testing sessions and a detailed presentation and report of the results.

Strategic Partnership

Teamwork is the name of the game. Blast Analytics & Marketing continues to support K-LOVE radio as a consultant for various strategic, programming and design efforts. We value the role of strategic partner, working in collaboration with our clients to achieve outstanding results.

The website looks amazing! On behalf of the all the project managers at EMF, I’d like to say thank you very, very much for all your contribution. What a huge success, especially for the K-LOVE listeners and fans!!!!

Michael Codato, Senior Project Manager