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Gordon Food Service: PPC Account Revamp & Ongoing Optimization Yields 109% Increase in Leads

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Gordon Food Service had been utilizing Pay-Per-Click advertising, however, the results weren’t meeting expectations.


The previous agency was running Google AdWords campaigns that did not perform efficiently or at scale. Furthermore, the ability to make data driven decisions based on user location, device, and other factors was lacking due to the account structure.


Blast restructured Gordon Food Service’s pay per click account so that it provides the ability to make optimizations aligned with the constantly changing customer behaviors in different markets and geographies.

Recognizing that the company offers services to potential customers from various markets and stages of the buying cycle, Blast knew it was important to develop structure and strategies that reflects this. Consistent ad copy testing, keyword analysis, and segmentation have led to a substantial increase in leads that are valuable to the company.


In the 4 months since Blast Analytics & Marketing took over the account, Blast was able to increase the number of Google AdWords leads by 109% while also lowering the cost per conversion by 57%.

We now rely on them regularly to help us maximize our investment in digital marketing.

Matt Jansen, Web Marketing Supervisor
Gordon Food Service