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What is online conversion optimization?

March 3, 2008

Conversion Optimization, as defined in the web strategy book “Web Design for ROI“, is the science and art of enhancing a web site’s user experience with the goal of transforming the maximum number of visitors into customers.

More specifically, we are looking to improve the conversion rate, which is the percentage of unique visitors who take a desired action upon visiting a web site. The desired action may be submitting a sales lead, making a purchase, viewing a key page of the site, downloading a white paper, or some other measurable activity.

We have defined a simple way to approach conversion optimization. It starts with customer centric messaging where you identify with their needs/challenges. For example, when a customer lands on your home page they see a customer centric message that says, “Have Traffic but Lack Leads/Buyers?” instead of “Online Conversion Optimization” which they likely don’t identify with or even understand.

Then this customer centric message links to your solution page that restates the customer centric message so they know they are on the right page. Then lead them into content that walks them through your solution to their challenge and is backed by results that you have had for others and testimonials and/or company logos of organizations you have helped which serve to build credibility.

By emphasizing results you have had and building credibility with this potential customer you increase the likelihood that they will take the desired action which should be clear and obvious on the page. A proven strategy that we often use is to have a simple form on the page or a large button on the right-side and/or bottom of the page. For example, the form might be 4 fields, (name, phone, email, comments) and be titled something like “Request a Free Consultation.” The more you lead the customer down a clear path, answer their questions before they feel the need to ask them in their mind, and make it obvious what to do next you will drastically increase/optimize your online conversion rate.

Here is what the effective online conversion path looks like:

Customer Challenge–>Solution–>Results/Credibility–>Desired Action

At Blast Advanced Media, based in Sacramento, California, we have a focus on improving online conversion rates with a specialty in ecommerce. Our goal is to educate our clients so they understand exactly what we do so we can communicate and create more solid partnerships with them in order to achieve measurable results. We share simple tips/info as in this post and feature in-depth case studies regarding web design, strategy, ecommerce, and online marketing with our clients. So please feel free to post a comment/question if there is something you would like us to discuss on our blog. Make it a Great Day!

Learn more about the web strategy book referenced in this post: Web Design for ROI

  • Great explanation of what conversion optimization is. Thanks. This clear up some issues for me regarding the topics.

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