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Out of Warranty iPhone Replaced – Apple Rocks!

June 23, 2008

Apple is in a class of their own. Recently, I thought my out of warranty iPhone was dead and that I would have to buy a replacement. Then I got a tip from a friend about how good Apple’s customer support is so I decided to test it out.

I went online to my local Apple Store ( and setup an appointment to meet with one of Apple’s Geniuses. I was greeted at the door and then told that I could browse around until they were ready for me. Within minutes I was sitting down at the Apple Genius Bar where I told the Genius that my iPhone would no longer power on. He took my iPhone and began running tests on it. Within about 5 minutes he informed me that he was going to replace the phone at no cost.

WOW, I was stoked since I was told by my local AT&T store that I was out of luck since it was outside of the 90 day warranty. I have to say that the experience I had at the Apple store was nothing short of exemplary. I am now a raving fan…Apple Rocks!

  • Sean

    Oh!! We have it in writing now!!! Kayden Loves Apple…

  • Sean

    Maybe we should have them replace my G5 Too!

  • Kayden Kelly

    Just wait until you see my new Macbook Pro! Then you will know I have really gone crazy.

  • magichampion

    It’s all about “Apple Attitude”. I have had two similar experiences with a MacBook Pro Battery and the Leopard Disc. Both issues were resolved “instantly” without question and to my total satisfaction … makes me wonder why it took so many years on the other side of the fence!

  • Name

    Two comments on this (older) post since it still came up high on my google search:

    The warranty on a new or Apple refurbed iPhone is one year.

    I too had a similar experience at a Genius Bar.

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