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New Crowdsourced Google Analytics Solutions Gallery Gives You Quick, Easy Insight

October 8, 2013

Introducing the New & Improved Google Analytics Solutions Gallery

Are you looking for new ideas on Google Analytics for advanced segments, dashboards, and custom reports?

Google Analytics Solutions Gallery

Would you like to get more out of Google Analytics but don’t have the time to develop reports yourself?

Are you unsure your reports are done correctly?

Have no fear dear reader.

The new & improved Google Analytics Solutions Gallery is here to save the day.

Crowdsourced Goodness From Analytics Rock Stars

The improved Google Analytics Solutions Gallery provides a centralized resource for user submitted analytics solutions addressing a huge variety of analytics needs.

By leveraging the expertise of others in the analytics community, you’ll be able to accelerate your understanding and access to key insights.

You’ll gain ideas for how segments can be used, how new custom reports give you a view of your data that you didn’t realize was more efficient, and how to create dashboards that quickly communicate value to your stakeholders.

Import Solutions Directly From Your Google Analytics Account

While you can import solutions directly from the Solutions Gallery itself, the better way is to import solutions when you’re working inside your own Google Analytics account.

Here’s how:

1. Dashboard Import

In GA, when creating a new dashboard, you will now see an option for importing from the gallery, as shown below:

Google Analytics Solution Gallery - Import Dashboard

2. Advanced Segments Import

In GA, when creating a new segment you will also see the same import option, as shown below:

Google Analytics Solutions Segment import

3. Custom Reports Import

In GA, when creating a new custom report, you will also see the same import option, as shown below:

Google Analytics Custom Report Import

In all three of these scenarios, when you click on the “Import from Gallery” button, the Google Analytics Solutions Gallery window appears and you can then search for what you need, as well as easily import a solution into your account:


Solutions Contributed by Blast Analytics & Marketing

We love giving back to the analytics community. So far, we’ve submitted the following solutions:

Ecommerce Dashboard
Quickly understand your ecommerce performance across various dimensions such as source, mobile and product.

Email Dashboard (#3 Top Dashboard in the Gallery)
Quickly view your email marketing performance and revenue.

Local Search Traffic (yelp, maps, etc) Segment
Use this segment to identify visits coming from local search (maps, yelp, yellow pages, and more). See the full regex string to understand what it is matching. This will match any domain that has the word maps in it for example.

Bot Traffic Segment
Use this segment to learn if bots such as keynote or gomez are visiting your site.

2+ Transactions Segment
Better understand your most highly engaged users that have completed at least 2 transactions.

Check out all the other Blast Analytics & Marketing Gallery submissions here.

And subscribe to our blog to get updates on more submissions we’re doing all the time.

Gallery Solutions Reviews & Ratings

As with most crowdsourced sites, anyone can add solutions. This is great, but it can lead to a flood of similar solutions with varying levels of quality. To help you easily find the top ones, Google has added the ability for you to rate the solutions.

Speaking of rating solutions….

Please rate our solutions in the gallery, and also comment below if you have any favorite Google Analytics solutions that you’ve found or contributed. Or let us know if there is a solution that you would like us to create.

A Huge Improvement for Regular Users

As Google Analytics has grown in capability and complexity over the years, regular users sometimes find it difficult to take advantage of its great potential. Now with the Solutions Gallery, you can leverage the experience of experts for your own needs and not have to worry about whether the solution was done correctly. This is a huge improvement and should contribute greatly to the continuing adoption of Google Analytics over other analytics tools.

Ryan Chase
About the Author

Ryan is a Senior Analytics Consultant at Blast Analytics & Marketing. He is passionate about helping businesses improve their usage of data to make better decisions. He has experience across industries and analytics platforms to help set and meet long term business goals.

Connect with Ryan on LinkedIn. Ryan Chase has written on the Blast Digital Customer Experience and Analytics Blog.

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