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Increase Governance with Enterprise Tag Security and Workflow

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A tag management sSystem (TMS) enables your team to get updates and new releases into production much faster than relying on manual updates to your website by your development team. However, A TMS can quickly become an issue if someone accidentally publishes code with a security flaw or releases a new tag incorrectly, putting your site at risk.

The power of a TMS should be controlled through proper governance. This includes determining who can make/publish changes, what happens when things go bad, and so on. Blast’s team of certified experts is ready to help you find a happy balance of flexibility and security with your TMS implementation, enabling you to EVOLVE your organization.


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Increase trust in your implementation’s security

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Retain flexibility and time to market

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Implement user-management strategies to allow specific users appropriate access

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Design and introduce workflows that allow proper approval of completed work

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Build action plans for testing and validating new changes after publication

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Identify what coding standards to implement that work best for your team and TMS

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Gather both internal and external qualitative feedback

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Create a roadmap for proper maintenance and future auditing of your implementation

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  • Discovery Session – With stakeholders and technical team, to determine internal processes and pain points
  • Technical Audit of Tag Management Settings and Implementation
  • Audit Presentation and Delivery of Testing Plan and Roadmap
  • 16 Hours of Expert Support – For high-value issue/opportunity resolution



  • Audit Results and Recommendation Plan – Supports user management and coding standards, with recommended workflows for implementation
  • Quality Assurance (QA)/Testing Plan
  • Maintenance Roadmap Recommendation
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Common Supported Platforms

  • Google Tag Manager (GTM)
  • Adobe Launch
  • Tealium iQ