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Company Description

Blast helps organizations identify and solve unique business problems through analytics and digital marketing intelligence. By combining Insights + Action, we support leaders to EVOLVE their organizations. Enterprise companies work with us to help them make decisions that are driven by data, and guided by experience. Visit us:


The Blast logo is an artistic representation of our brand and is intended for use in a consistent and precise manner across all materials and communications, as outlined below:

Master Logo

The Blast master logo should be used at all times. If that’s not possible, use our white logo variation. In rare cases where neither the master logo or white logo can be used, contact Blast’s internal marketing department for an approved logo alternative.


High Resolution Logo – Print
(.EPS, .AI files)

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Web Resolution Logo
.PNG files)

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Secondary Branding

Other logos that Blast uses for branding and promotions are below.


EVOLVE color logo should have priority over the other EVOLVE logos. White EVOLVE logo is typically used over photo or dark background that shows contrast.


EVOLVE Logo – Print
(.EPS, .AI files)

Download (Zip)

EVOLVE Logo – Web
(.PNG files)

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Make Your Mark Logo

Make Your Mark logo Established in 1999 should be used first. If spacing is an issue, please use the alternative version without the rocket/established in 1999.


Make Your Mark Logo – Print
(.EPS, .AI files)

Download (Zip)

Make Your Mark Logo – Web
(.PNG files)

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Color Palette

Blast’s corporate colors are an important element of our brand identity, establishing a continuity of appearance. Use only the following colors when designing or producing Blast materials.

SIOT Colors

Our color palette below designates Blast’s signature (primary) colors, as follows:

Strategy Blue
17, 164, 57
72, 20, 0, 0
Implementation Green
73, 165, 57
74, 11, 100, 1
Optimization Yellow
238, 175, 0
6, 33, 100, 0
Training Purple
151, 0, 148
50, 100, 0, 0

Secondary Colors

Our color palette also incorporates accent (secondary) colors that compliment our primary colors:

239, 239, 232
5, 3, 7, 0
Blast Dark Blue
35, 76, 161
96, 81, 0, 0
Blast Darkest Blue
34, 47, 81
94, 84, 41, 37
Blast Red
221, 45, 44
7, 96, 96, 1
Blast Black-ish
56, 56, 56
69, 62, 61, 54
Blast Orange
255, 114, 13
0, 68, 100, 0