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Staying United: Our Response to the Current World Situation (COVID-19)

Supporting Leaders to EVOLVE
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Summary of Business Impact on Blast Analytics (Updated 3/23/20)

  • First and foremost, focused on health and safety of our team.
  • Immediately transitioned to a completely remote workforce, with minimal business impact.
  • Operating at near-full capacity and continues to wholly support all client engagements.
  • Managing expected distractions for our teammates and providing unconditional support, as needed. #FocusOnYou
  • Client demand for Blast services remains high, and we’ll ensure our resourcing maintains pace.
  • Blast will adapt and support all teammates, clients, and partners through these concerning times. Reach us immediately via phone or email.

Note: This page will be updated throughout the COVID-19/Coronavirus and its related business/economic impacts.

A Message to the Blast Community

No one could have predicted the unprecedented situation that has changed our lives so dramatically the past two weeks. All of us at Blast hope that you’re safe and well. We’re grateful for everyone working diligently to stabilize the situation as soon as possible, and we’re committed to do our part as individuals, a business, and a community.

First and foremost, we’re focused on the health and safety of our team. We are following the guidance of global health experts to prevent the spread of the COVID-19 virus, reminding teammates to frequently wash their hands, regularly clean their spaces, and exercise social distancing. All Blast teammates had been proactively asked to work remotely from home to stay safe and healthy, and currently all of our offices have been officially closed per government mandate.

Strong, Flexible, and Caring

Fortunately, we already have an optimized remote workforce and strong culture in place, so we’ve been able to transition immediately with minimal impact to productivity or client delivery. All of our teammates continue to stay busy supporting our valued clients across the globe, and we even continue to hire additional resources to meet ongoing demand, despite the expected slowdown. Moreover, we remain extremely focused on our teammates’ well-being, personally and professionally, offering the resources, flexibility, and benefits they need during this time. #FocusOnYou

Although we’ve never experienced anything like the current situation, Blast has weathered previous social and economic catastrophes. Through prudent business management, Blast remains financially secure with no debt, strong reserves, and credit lines to manage a prolonged crisis and keep our commitments — now and in the future. Together with our resilient band of teammates, clients, partners, and other stakeholders, we know we’ll pull through this historically adverse time, too.

We take our responsibility seriously and believe in staying united and taking care of one another

We recognize that many of our clients are facing significant challenges and tough business decisions due to the dramatic shifts in the market. We’re committed to communicating, collaborating, and adapting as frequently as needed to address your needs and support your business. In short, as long as our team remains safe and healthy, we’re here for you and your people — unconditionally.

Be a Positive Influence

Blast’s mission is “Supporting Leaders to EVOLVE.” While we never could imagine the circumstances and change we’re experiencing today, there’s an inherent opportunity to emerge from this situation as better people, better businesses, and better communities. We take our responsibility seriously and believe in staying united and taking care of one another. In doing so, we’ll emerge stronger together.

In the spirit of “Make Your Mark,” we encourage and support teammates to safely volunteer their time and resources to help others through this crisis. We hope you’ll do the same, as you’re able. If nothing else, continue to abide by recommendations from government and health officials to stay safe.

Please keep our team and families in your thoughts, as we’ll keep you in ours. We’ll stay in touch with necessary updates. In the meantime, don’t hesitate to lean on and contact us.

Kayden Kelly
Founder and CEO