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Google Analytics Batch Hits Decoder 1.0

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Validate tracking in Google Tag Manager (GTM) and Firebase with our batch decoder tool!

Finding it hard to read Google Analytics (GA) batched hits? Validation is an important step in every implementation to ensure that tracking is capturing the right data. While the Firebase Debug View is a great tool for testing your event, testing app analytics tags that are on GTM can be tricky. There’s no “GTM Preview” on mobile devices, so you’re left with tracing the network traffic. What makes it even harder is that GTM batches the GA hits to send multiple requests together, making it hard to confirm that the analytics tags are working correctly and the parameters contain the right data.

Our tool separates the batched calls and visualizes the hits, showing all parameters and values. This makes it easy to validate whether hits are going through to GA and troubleshoot any issues with the parameters processed in Firebase code and GTM tags.

How to Use

Put in the multiple or single requests, copying requests from your HTTP monitor tool (such as Charles Content view). When you tab out of the text boxes, the input will be reformatted in the tables below.