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Blast Chat: Digital Transformation with Tealium’s HIPAA-Compliant CDP

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Deliver personalized experiences while remaining HIPAA-compliant

Customer experience is the battleground on which brands live or die, and data is the key to your success. However, a mountain of regulations in the healthcare industry stands between you and the valuable insights needed to optimize patient experiences. Learn how Blast and Tealium can help you balance privacy and personalization with a HIPAA-compliant customer data platform, powered by AWS.

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What You'll Learn

Patient data trends influencing the digital experience

Ways to glean actionable insights while maintaining compliance

The value of a HIPAA-compliant customer data platform (CDP)

The tools and expertise to help you succeed

nathan poorbaugh

About Nathan Poorbaugh

Principal Solutions ArchitectNathan is a Principal Solutions Architect at Blast Analytics with more than 8 years of experience in analytics, customer data platforms, and operationalizing of enterprise data and analytics solutions for customers. He’s built his career on building unique solutions for multiple Fortune 500 clients with strategic innovation and applicability at the forefront of his design decisions. Nathan has a passion for understanding things of complex nature to help organizations get the most out of their data.

josh wolf

About Josh Wolf

Director of Global Research & InsightsJosh has many years of experience with digital marketing, advertising and martech software in general. He learned ad tech from some of the first pioneers in the space at Doubleclick, and more recently worked to evangelize and sell one of the first customer data platforms at Tealium, even before the acronym “CDP” existed. Solving technical challenges is his passion, leading Josh to roles in sales engineering and solutions consulting throughout his career. His current role as the Director of Partner Solutions Consulting allows Josh to work closely with hundreds of vendors within the Martech ecosystem, agencies and systems integrators. Josh spends his free time with his family enjoying activities outdoors in nature and across his native New York City.

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