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Why Analytics Maturity Matters to Your Business

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How your digital analytics can drive outcomes not outputs.

Every digital interaction is an opportunity to create a positive impact on your customers. Optimizing the digital experience means constantly understanding your customers and providing relevant experience across their customer journey – in real-time. Learn how Blast and Quantum Metric can help you EVOLVE your analytics.

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What You'll Learn

Why Analytics Maturity Matters

5 Drivers of Digital Analytics Maturity

Mature vs. Immature Practices

Growing Your Analytics Maturity


About Ryan Chase

Senior Analytics ConsultantAs Senior Analytics Consultant at Blast Analytics, Ryan is passionate about helping businesses improve their usage of data to make better decisions. With extensive experience across industries and analytics platforms, he enables clients to set and meet long-term business goals. Ryan has been instrumental in the development and implementation of Blast’s Analytics Maturity Framework and assessment tool, a key resource for organizations seeking to EVOLVE and accelerate their analytics strategy. In addition to providing various thought leadership on the topic, Ryan holds multiple analytics certifications, including Quantum Metric Fundamentals.


About Tom Arundel

Director of Global Research & Insights at Quantum MetricTom Arundel is a digital empathizer who spent 15 years leading digital performance and analytics initiatives at Marriott International. Previously, he led e-commerce and analytics engagements for a consulting firm acquired by Booz Allen Hamilton. Now a recovering digital analyst, he’s a thought leader as Director of Global Research & Insights at Quantum Metric. Quantum Metric automatically quantifies opportunities on your digital applications, helping you prioritize with more speed and confidence. He is co-author of Continuous Product Design, a methodology for aligning business and technical teams around a customer-driven truth, and he is inventor of the term Quantified Empathy.

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